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Brad Pitt has the perfect look for those over 50 who feel much younger

We take off our hats with Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper. Especially if the hat in question is a fisherman’s hat super fashionable among millennials and Gen Z used by those over 50 that if it couldn’t be cooler, now it’s even better. The perennial (read, a man who does not know the passage of time) is Brad Pitt who, together with his colleague and great friend Bradley Cooper, delighted the ladies present in the stands at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows to attend the US Open tennis final between Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medveved. In fact, every time the image of the two sex symbols was projected on the screen, shouts of joy could be heard from those present.

Very fashionable with a fisherman’s hat, we said, dark square sunglasses and polo shirt in Prussian blue tones With a steel watch and a gold ring in sight, 57-year-old Brad, casual as always. With a blue denim shirt con a gray t-shirt and blue chinos was the 46-year-old protagonist of A star has been born who, unlike Pitt, showed his face uncovered. The two Hollywood stars appeared in version best friends , immortalized by the public and photographers with the intention of commenting point by point on the current race, which ended in just over two and a half hours with the defeat of Djokovic that saw the dream of the Grand Slam vanish.

In summary, when tennis meets Hollywood . So what are we learning from Brad and Bradley today? The simplest lesson: how to be attractive effortlessly (and with the two-day beard / goatee) represents the ideal look to go to a sports final. Of course, the two celebrities are single, carefree, and downright attractive. But with the attitude suitable and the most suitable look, the inner star that is in each one of us can come out. To make things easier, here is some suggestions for a perfect superstar outfit.



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* This article was originally published in the Italian edition of GQ.

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