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Brad Pitt reveals why De’Longhi is his favorite coffee maker

What do the first meal of the day, the after-dinner with the family, or a brunch with friends? Indeed, all these moments are accompanied by a good fresh coffee. Many claim that it is impossible for them to start the routine without the first coffee in the morning. For others, this drink is a must which should be served with dessert or also, it becomes the perfect excuse to meet up with your friends and spend the morning together.

In addition to a habit, coffee gives us that little boost we need to give our routine an extra energy. However, for those of us who are lovers of this drink, we know that it is not always easy for it to be to our liking. The origin, aroma, acidity or even that it is served in our favorite cup, make each one different. And there is no doubt that there is no better way to prepare it than at home and your way.. If you want to discover what is the key to making the best coffees, we will tell you about it here.

If you still haven’t found your favorite coffee, the time has come perfetto

The quality of the beans is an essential requirement when tasting it. Nevertheless, To ensure that our coffee does not lose quality during its preparation, De’Longhi coffee machines are the key. What sets these coffee makers apart from the rest is that they are super-automatic. Perhaps you are wondering why this detail is so important. Well, thanks to that, the coffee beans are ground with maximum precision because they have an integrated grinder. In addition, you make sure that the unique aroma of freshly brewed coffee is given off that we lovers of this drink so much like.

Brad Pitt reveals why De'Longhi is his favorite coffee maker

But this is not all. Another benefit of super-automatic coffee machines from De’Longhi is that you can customize your coffee down to the last detail: intensity and quantity, you can make your own recipes and even some of the models allow you to save your profile and With the push of a button, the coffeemaker prepares your favorite style. On De’Longhi They have a variety of models and many years of experience. If you are an indecisive person or would like to know which model is ideal for you, we have selected our three favorites to guide you and discover which one best suits your tastes.

For those who cannot opt ​​for just one type of coffee, Dinamica Plus

Brad Pitt reveals why De'Longhi is his favorite coffee maker

This super automatic offers the widest variety of drinks: Doppio +, espresso, long or milk drinks like cappuccino, cappuccino mix or latte macchiato thanks to your system Latte cream. Through the screen, you can easily select the coffee that you want to taste at the moment. In addition, in all drinks you can select the aroma, temperature or intensity. With Dinamica Plus you will find the perfect balance between experience, know-how and technology to offer the best freshly ground coffee.

The jewel in the crown and the most demanded in Hollywood, Primadonna soul

Brad Pitt reveals why De'Longhi is his favorite coffee maker

Although it looks like Dinamica Plus because both have the latest technology in super-automatic coffee machines, Primadonna soul is the only one with the technology Bean Adapt Technology. This system allows you to adjust the grinding and preparation parameters so that the coffee extraction is perfect, maintaining and enhancing its aroma according to the variety of beans you choose and to your liking. And if that was not enough, also includes the LatteCrema System, perfect for those who always enjoy coffee with milk and the cappuccino is among their favorites. With a range of up to 21 automatic recipes, customizable and adjusted to each of the five profiles that the coffee maker allows to store. Ideal for households where many members live and everyone likes to enjoy coffee in their own way, Primadonna soul it adapts to the most demanding palates.

The Specialist, the favorite of those who taste coffee in the most traditional style

Brad Pitt reveals why De'Longhi is his favorite coffee maker

This coffee maker stands out because it is faithful to the manual process, but does not leave technology behind and incorporates the four advanced grinding, pressure, temperature and vaporizer techniques. With an extremely simple process, the coffee is well ground, with the perfect pressure thanks to its tamping lever, the temperature to your liking and as a last detail, the frother for the milk. With The Specialist everyone will want to come to your house to enjoy the best coffee in the style of a professional barista.

What do these coffee makers have that are indispensable in Brad Pitt’s day-to-day life?

Bold, international, sophisticated and elegant. With these characteristics, the CEO of De’Longhi Massimo Garavaglia to the brand and the iconic Brad Pitt. And from here came the idea of ​​turning the acclaimed actor into the ambassador of De’Longhi. Through the international campaign directed by award-winning Damien Chazelle and featuring the soundtrack by renowned composer Justin Hurwitz, the story tells what a day in the life of Brad Pitt looks like. From buying your favorite coffee beans in the morning, touring the city of Los Angeles on a motorcycle and finally the most awaited moment: to get home and enjoy the moment Perfect with the best coffee thanks to De’Longhi.

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