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Brad Pitt stars in this incredible sci-fi movie, which is available on Star Plus

Throughout his career, Brad Pitt has had the opportunity to star in all kinds of films, but in 2019 he headed one of his best films of recent years, to the extent that his work received the applause of critics and turned out to be a success at the world box office, for this reason you should take advantage of the fact that it is within the catalog of Star Plus to enjoy it.

Ad Astra: To the stars It was directed by James Gray, who in 2016 had done The lost city of Z and that was well received by critics, while this film of Science fiction it had a great acceptance by the public and the specialists, to the extent that it received nominations for awards and also obtained recognitions.

What is it about?

The solar system is affected by mysterious surges of energy that threaten all human life. After nearly dying from an incident caused by one of these power surges, the United States Space Command reports to Major Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), that the energy surges have been traced back to the “Lima Project”, created to search the limits of the solar system for intelligent life, under the leadership of his father Clifford McBride (Tommy read Jones), of which nothing has been known for 16 years after reaching Neptune.

Informed that Clifford may still be alive, Roy accepts the mission to travel to Mars to try to establish communication with him, along with his father’s former associate, Colonel Pruitt (Donald Sutherland).

His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

Ad Astra: To the stars was a box office success, as its production cost little more than $ 80 million and raised more than $ 135 million.

Among the nominations it obtained, the one for Oscar in the Best Sound category and Critics Choice Awards, where it was highlighted as Best Sci-Fi / Horror Movie and Visual Effects.

On the other hand, film critics explained that the film has a solid story, with a dynamic narrative and amazing special effects, so in places like Rotten Tomatoes gave it an approval of up to 83 percent, while Metacritic It gave him a rating of 80 percent, thus achieving positive marks.

So for these days when you will have some free time, it never hurts to see these types of science fiction movies, such as Ad Astra: To the stars, that you will enjoy from start to finish and that is available on the platform of Star Plus.

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