Brad Pitt suspends filming of F1 film in solidarity with strikes

Stop filming Formula 1, Brad Pitt expresses support for the strikes in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt interrupts the filming of the film about Formula 1. Photo courtesy of @F1InGenerale.

Brad Pitt puts an end V filming a Formula 1 film. At least for now. The actor decided stop production to show solidarity with strikes in Hollywood.

The first takes of the highly anticipated film were filmed during the Silverstone Grand Prix. The film crew subsequently followed Formula One teams across Europe to continue filming. Apex. WITH writers’ strike, joined by union actorsall television and film productions were halted.

The Sun reports that Brad Pitt has suspended filming for his film. There production will resume in the next two months, as previously agreed:

β€œThe cast and crew of Apex filmed in Budapest, Hungary. Brad called for future dates to be postponed in solidarity with all those on strike.”

Delaying production comes at a huge financial cost. However, the Oscar-winning actor does not lose heart, in fact he gives full support to all the people with whom he works.

Another source told Deadline that the crew was supposed to shoot on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, in Belgium, hosting the last race before the summer break of the F1 World Championship. However, the studios have suspended filming.

If everything goes according to plan, production will resume in Las Vegas next November, while there will be the first Grand Prix in the state of Nevada. At present, all participants hope that an agreement will be reached between the parties – between writers, actors and film studios. However, the decision process is still long.

In the Formula 1 movie, Brad Pitt plays the lead role and producer, in the latter role he plays alongside seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

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