Brad Pitt teaches how to age with style and elegance

Brad Pitt not only is he one of the best actors in Hollywood, also of the more handsome and desired.

He started his career from 1987, and although the years have passed, He is still so sexy and handsome than in his early days.

To their 57 years the actor continues working and makes it clear that it is like good wine, which gets better with each year.

He is currently shooting the movie Babylon, where he shares with other great stars such as Margot Robbie, Tobey Maguire, Meryl Streep, and Emma Stone.

Brad will play a silent film actor who struggles to adapt to the changing reality of the industry.

Brad Pitt reappears more handsome than ever on set

Recently, the famous actor was caught in the movie set, in Los Angeles, and as always, it looked incredibly elegant, handsome and perfect.

Brad wore black pants, with a white shirt, vest and bowtie in the same tone, and black shoes with a black blazer.

Her hair wears it darker, in a brown tone, and combed back, and also has a mustache, because of the character he plays.

These photos They made it clear to us why we will never stop loving Brad, and that is that he always looks perfect and elegant.

“OMG divine as always”, “As the years go by it looks better😍”, “How beautiful as always. I love him ❤️ ”,“ 😍 I like it that way, he looks gorgeous ”,“ Eternally number one! Papasito 😍 ”, and“ this is how you get old, how handsome ”, were some of the reactions in networks.

A month ago, the actor was also caught in the set, with a look just like Elegant, with black pants, and white shirt.

At that time it generated controversy, because his face looked different, and it seemed that he had undergone some aesthetic retouch.

However, it seems that It was all about a bad angle of the photos, because now he looks like always, and he looks more handsome than ever.

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