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Brad Pitt, the actor is a victim of prosopagnosia

After overcoming the alcoholism and the depression that he suffered after his break with Angelina Jolie, the actor Brad Pitt has revealed that he suffers from another illness. This was explained to the American press. It’s about the prosopagnosia and there is no cure.

According to the artist of Passion legends, For seven years he has suffered from progressive memory loss: it can only get worse over time. Fortunately, this neurological problem does not prevent the artist from continuing with his work, it simply makes it almost impossible for him to have relationships with people.

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The drawback is that those who are afflicted with this disease are no longer able to recognize a person after spending some time with it, or even after having frequented it. They are no longer registered in the visual memory of the patient. For instance, Pitt You won’t forget your children’s faces, but you certainly won’t remember the face of the CEO you recently went out to dinner with.

In 2013 he complained of the inevitable deterioration of his interpersonal relationships precisely because of the prosopagnosia: “Many people hate me because they think I am disrespectful. When I meet them and say, ‘Have we met before?’ I make things worse: they get offended and think I’m self-centered. But he’s stronger than me, I don’t remember the faces. That’s why sometimes I prefer to stay home alone

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