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Brad Pitt: the incredible watches he wears in his movies

Brad Pitt He is one of those men who, whatever they wear, always look good, show that age is just a number and are the inspiration for millions of fans who try to achieve their best looks, haircuts and even exercise routines .

The protagonist of films like Fight Club and 12 Monkeys He is not one of those who go around with outfits full of brands and logos, and he is not very extravagant or flashy when it comes to dressing, but he is a fan of watches and throughout his career he has had the opportunity to wear some models iconic in his best movies (and in real life).

Among his collection (which is as interesting as his collection of cars, motorcycles and even airplanes), Brad Pitt He has classic watches and rare pieces from independent brands, and some of them have even appeared in his best movies as well.

We already know that Brad Pitt He always appears eating in his films (and he has a very logical reason for that), we also know that his projects are a guarantee (he has very few films that are not good), and among all that we must also mention that his characters have something else in mind. common, they have great taste when it comes to watches.

Brad Pitt’s watch at Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13

In the first film of the series, ‘Oceans eleven‘, Pitt’s character appeared wearing a Rolex Submariner two-tone ‘Rolesor‘, which is the same model that he used when he appeared in’ Oceans Twelve ‘, although in that case he also had a second watch, a 36mm Rolex Day-Date with a ‘glacier’ dial.

In Ocean`s 13, two new watches appeared, the first was a GMT Master II yellow gold and the second was a vintage watch, whose dial was on a strap Red Monkey made to measure that, supposedly belonged to the actor.

Pitt wore another Red Monkey watch in the movie The Mexican, this one had a white dial and a black leather strap.

Brad Pitt’s watch in World War Z

For one of the best zombie movies, where Pitt plays a retired soldier, the watch he wore was a Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering PVD (which is one of the independent brands, from Italy, the actor’s favorites).

The watch, of great proportions, has a black dial and case, brown leather strap, and allows the North to be determined thanks to the position of the sun.

Brad Pitt’s Moneyball Watch

For this movie based on a true story, Brad Pitt went for a luxury brand, appeared wearing, his character wore a watch TAG Heuer Kirium (produced in the late 90s), which was one of three watches the actor was given to choose for his character.

This particular watch belonged, according to the story, to a member of the film crew and was no longer in production or in the watchmaker’s catalog, so they had to run a search to find two more watches to have a backup in case something happened to that one during filming.

Brad Pitt’s watch in Mr. and Mrs. Smith

To become a secret agent (who must kill his wife), the character of Brad Pitt wore a watch Casio G-Shock G-2310, which is a worthy watch for a secret agent who must complete missions in extreme locations. This watch is large, waterproof and shock resistant, and is powered by solar energy.

It’s not a fancy watch, but it looks great and meets the needs of the character in the movie.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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