Brad Pitt told Sky Sports F1 the details of the plot of the film about Formula 1

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Movie Brad Pitt Formula 1, a mystery that is about to be revealed. They come new plot details, directly from the famous American actor. We know who attended British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The new project is an as-yet-untitled film directed by Joseph Kosinski (di Top Shooter: Maverick) and under the Apple brand.

Let’s find out together all the news that has been circulating the net over the past few hours.

Film Brad Pitt Formula 1, plot

They noticed the actor in the company of Damson Idris, a partner in the film.

Over the weekend, they drove together along the Northamptonshire circuit in England.

Two actors play the role of pilots. Sonny Hayes and Joshua Pierce. Because of this, they were in the right mood for their performances in the film.

All weekend they behaved like they were real Formula 1 drivers. They went out to the track and enjoyed the races. Their single cars are one Mercedes special creation (actually it’s an F2 with aesthetic modifications made specifically to resemble F1 cars in every way).

They moved inside the paddock and along the pit lane, where the APX GP saw his box (located next to the Ferrari box) and his own wall. They did not fail to take part even in numerous operations that were carried out before the start of the tender.

But what do we know about it mysterious Formula 1 film? Finally, the leading actor came out on top. He gave an interview Sky Sport F1revealing more details about his character.

Here’s what Pitt said, igniting the hearts of all his fans, including Formula 1 fans:

“I play a guy who raced in the 90s until he had a terrible accident and was forced to retire to race in other disciplines. He is contacted by his friend, played by Javier Bardem, the owner of the team. They are the last in the starting grid, they did not score a single point. But they have a young phenom played by Damson Idris and they brought me along as a last resort. You’ve never seen speed, you’ve never seen such an overload, the shots are really breathtaking.”

Thus, Brad will play the role of a Formula 1 driver. Sonny Hayes who made a name for himself in the 90s and then retired from the scene due to an accident that left its mark.

His return to the track will be to help a friend played by a Spanish actor. Javier Bardem. The last one in the movie will be the owner of the APX GP team.

They will have to resurrect a team that has a very talented member, i.e. Joshua Piercewho is actually played in the movie Damson Idriswhich requires the intervention of a mentor.

Only time will tell us more about the film as it still doesn’t have an official title or release date.

Brad Pitt Silverstone

The network is inundated with photos and videos of Brad Pitt on the track with enthusiastic comments. The two actors took to the track in racing gear perfect for the occasion.

They stood next to real Formula One drivers as the British anthem played.

Two cars of the actors also participated in the formation race.

We can’t help but show some of the footage that’s circulating on social media. We talked about this great event, anticipating it here as well.

Here are the race details against Lewis Hamilton.

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