Brad Pitt Wears a Knit Polo That Drives Everyone Crazy

The Wimbledon men’s final is always a showcase of outstanding names. The latest 2023 edition was no exception. was one of the main characters brad pitt who attended the match with the Princess of Wales and her entourage Ariana Grande And Jonathan Bailey In the movie Wicked, We admired a lot of Ralph Lauren, a lot of sober clothes, a lot of elegant clothes in keeping with the restraint of the traditional dress code.

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However, in the midst of it all, stood out brad pitt, The actor, taking a break from shooting his next Formula One film, wore a knitted polo shirt: a classic from the 1950s that’s back in fashion as the new muscular fit, but decidedly more elegant and dressy Is. It was a soft color, yet it managed to stand out among the crowd of suits and ties. Thanks to the aviator glasses, it was pure Pitt: a simple and effective Hollywood style that goes anywhere.

Just have to admit it’s not as original as some of the previous choices made by the same actor. Let’s not forget that this is Wimbledon: a place where suits are almost mandatory and ties inevitable. royal box, You have to make a certain impression and a knit polo shirt succeeds with a class and naturalness of its own.

Luckily we’ve known the power of the knit polo for a long time. It’s one of those timeless garments that always looks good, and it’s one of many credits to Mr. Ripley for introducing the garment to the world as the #menswear Instagram account rediscovered the 1999 hit. They are a more sophisticated polo shirt than the classic sporty style and suitable for any occasion. Marriage: Yes. Office: Sure. Romantic Dinner: Nothing gets better than this. Now, as Pitt has demonstrated, even on a higher platform center courtCenter Court of Wimbledon.

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