Brad Pitt will produce the film about ‘Dr. Q ‘, the immigrant who crossed the wall of the United States and became the best neurosurgeon

Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa lived in Palaco, a small town on the outskirts of Mexicali, Baja California, right next to the wall that separates Mexico and the United States. He had no drinking water, no electricity, his days were burdened by extreme poverty, and his family had to face such hard times, such as the death of his sister, who left at six months due to dehydration.

Now, he is the director of neurosurgery at one of the best hospitals in the world, the Mayo Clinic, and he works by removing tumors quite precisely.

He was 19 when he crossed the border. He took a one-block run, ran, and climbed the wall until he managed to pass the United States, however, he was caught.

Alfredo did not lose hope of getting a better life, so after being deported to Mexico, he studied the rounds carried out by the border patrol, timed the times between controls, climbed again, and managed to jump to the United States without knowing English. and undocumented.

His working life in the territory began in the agricultural sector, pulling weeds, then went on to cleaning train tanks, which, according to Infobae, “fish oil, which had an incredible smell of sulfur, remember that this smell is used as symbol of hell ”.

He was a welder, butler, and 10 years after having crossed illegally into the United States, he managed to become a citizen thanks to an immigration policy of that time.

After all his efforts, he graduated from Harvard Medical School, and went on to study neurosurgery at the University of San Francisco, before going to the prestigious John Hopkins University.

Then, he entered Harvard Medical School where he received his medical degree with honors, to go on to San Francisco where he studied neurosurgery and finally reached the prestigious John Hopkins University.

His story will be captured in the cinema by Brad Pitt, who was moved by the story, and together with Walt Disney, and the production company ‘Plan B’, the story of overcoming will reach a big screen with the name “Dr. Q “.


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