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Brad Pitt wins first assault on Angelina Jolie: achieves joint custody

After breaking up their marriage in 2016, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce proceedings have turned into a slow and tortuous battle in court. with several open fronts, among them, that of the custody of the six children they have in common. But finally, after months of testimony and evidence, the judge in charge of the case has ruled in favor of the actor, who demanded joint custody of the children.

Justice John Ouderkirk has dismissed the arguments of Jolie’s legal team, which alleged that Pitt’s conduct with his children had been abusive on several occasions (we recall that the actress filed for divorce following an incident between Pitt and his son Maddox during a flight). However, the judge has ruled that Jolie’s testimony “lacks credibility in many important areas.”

To arrive at this resolution, it has had the statements of strong witnesses, including experts from children’s services, those in charge of interviewing children, as well as therapists and other professionals in the domestic circle of the family. “Pitt is delighted with the decision after so much acrimony,” said a source close to the case, “all he wanted was to have equal access to his children, whom he loves very much.”

Jolie, for her part, is going to appeal the sentence. Their discontent is based, above all, on the fact that the judge refused to allow the children to testify. “Judge Ouderkirk denied Jolie a fair trial; he improperly excluded evidence relevant to the health, safety and well-being of the children,” the interpreter’s team has alleged in her appeal in the Second District of California. Likewise, reference is made to Pitt’s alleged history of domestic violence, something that Jolie’s team would have tried to prove by delivering a sealed document with alleged evidence to the court last March.

If the judge is removed from the case, the sentence could be overturned. The actress already tried, without success, to dismiss last year the magistrate of the divorce process, who also supervises this. Ouderkirk, it should be noted, presided over Pitt and Jolie’s wedding in 2014 at Ch√Ęteau Miraval, the mansion they both acquired in the French countryside. After their breakup, the magistrate was chosen by the couple to handle their divorce.

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