Brad Pitt’s Unknown Brother: Billionaire, Kilimanjaro Hero and As Good-looking as an Actor

The biographical note on his website reads: “Doug Pitt he is a philanthropist, founder and business leader, and a family man.” What he doesn’t say is that world famous actor Brad Pitt also comes from a family he’s so proud of. In particular, the famous Hollywood star is his brother, who is three years older than him.

Although the star of films such as Seven, Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood AND The tree of Life became one of the leading names in the modern film industry, and his brother began a lesser-known but no less successful career. In fact, although Douglas Pitt did not make headlines, he still managed to make a name for himself in the world of technology and philanthropy internationally. However, the fact that they have at least half the genetic code and a successful working life is not the only thing that unites the two handsome brothers.

When Brad Pitt moved to Los Angeles as a teenager to work as a waiter or dress up as a chicken at a chain restaurant to pay for acting classes, Douglas had already set his sights on the tech business world. He was born in 1966 in Missouri and stayed in his hometown to attend the District College. In 1991, when he was only 25 years old, he founded his first company: ServiceWorld Computer. The company that provided IT services and solutions was a resounding success and gave him access to the club of millionaires. Five years after founding the company, he married Lisa, whom he met at university. From this marriage, the actor had three grandchildren: Landon (26 years old), Sidney (25 years old) and Reagan (24 years old).

In 2013, he sold the company and founded Pitt Development Group, another company that provided IT services to medical and community development centers. Four years later, he buys out the first company, merges the two companies, and becomes the industry leader in the country. His net worth continues to grow thanks to real estate investments in Springfield, in his home state (Missouri).

Aside from successful careers, the two brothers have very similar physiques. As he admitted in an interview with Nova FM, “on the street they mistake me for Brad at least three times a week.” Although he has always tried to keep a low profile, on rare occasions he has chosen to appear in the media joking that he is related to Brad Pitt. For example, in an advertisement for Mother’s Brewing Company, he reprized his brother as Detective David Mills in Seven, and in another humorous advertisement for Virgin Mobile Australia, he appeared as “the second most famous Pitt in the family”. In this commercial, he shows viewers how to live normally and enjoy the most mundane pleasures. “Look at my car. Athletic and elegant, like me,” she jokes.

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Part of the income from these commercials was donated to his charitable foundations: in fact, even the middle brother of the Pitts (Brad and Doug have a younger sister, Julie Neil PittA 54-year-old very religious housewife and mother of five children, two of whom were adopted from Ethiopia) is actively involved in social causes. “Doug spends most of his time on the African continent,” his website says. In 2010 he was nominated Goodwill Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania the now former President of the country, Jakaya Kikwete: he received this honor for the first time since its inception. In this position, he works as an intermediary for companies that want to develop the country both economically and spiritually.

With the help of his sister Julie, Doug also works with, which provides clean water to countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia, and WorldServe International, which does the same work, with a focus on East Africa. In the USA in 2008 he founded the foundation Care to learnwhose mission is to help marginalized children. All of these efforts were recognized by another former president, Bill Clinton, who presented him with the Humanitarian Leadership Award in 2011.

Angelina Jolie’s former son-in-law, who has boasted in some interviews that he is a “bicycle prodigy”, also uses this talent for charitable causes. As a photojournalist and director of another NGO, Africa 6000 International, in 2011 he led the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the organization. In particular, this mission had two results: personal (the first American to ride down the famous mountain) and professional (raising $750,000 to clean up the rivers of Tanzania). If Brad Pitt could already seem like a child prodigy, his brother is no exception.

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