Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Penelope Cruz confirm star’s absence

Alberto Barbera finally lifted the reservations, the Hollywood actors’ strike is blocking the participation of the star Bradley Cooper, the director of “Maestro”, and Emma Stone, the star of “Poor Creatures!”.

Venice 2023: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Penelope Cruz confirm no stars

Alberto Barbera finally withdrew reservations for absences related to the actors are on strike Hollywood. Netflix movie stars Owner AND Poor beings!, Bradley Cooper And Emma Stonewill not participate in the exhibition Venice 2023 which starts today. Also missing Penelope Cruzfor personal reasons not related to the strike.

The Venetia director reaffirmed the importance of agreements with independent production companies that allowed movie stars to promote films that had already been released, while majors, including Netflix, would be penalized by the absence of a star.

Poor creatures 7

Poor Creatures!: Emma Stone in one scene

“There will be no Emma Stone, no rest of the Poor Creatures! cast, no Killer cast, no Bradley Cooper and his cast. Bradley deeply regrets not attending the film’s premiere. he cared a lot” Barber clarifies. “Wes Anderson’s actors won’t even be there. There will be actors from independent productions, from films that have already been sold, so Adam Driver’s arrival is confirmed, while there will be no Penelope Cruz, who originally confirmed, but was forced to cancel due to personal obligations. There will be Jessica Chastain, there will be the cast of Priscilla, there will be the protagonist of the Luc Besson film and Lea Seydoux will be present.”.

As Barbera says, “The consequences of hitting Mostra are not as severe as announced, in fact there will be many stars even if others could participate but were not allowed to. In the end, we only lost one film, Challengers.”.

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