braided ponytail summer hairstyle

There tail with braid all it takes to besummer hairstyle And modern and creativeNaturally trendy and insanely chic; Sophisticated yet delightful, it reflects Vibes Y2K irresistible; Highlights and brightens the face, leaving hair in order but without being too stiff and set; give it sophisticated form and versatile, able to adapt to many situations; finally it is easy to make,

Let’s find out how and why you should try it style hair Immediately.

braided tail is the hairstyle of summer

No wonder ponytail is her favorite hairstyle stars and influencers This time. Not only does it allow us not to suffer from the heat and do face searches, maybe even play with makeup and accessories, but respect hair Due to its light texture it makes them quite free and light.

The Trend Has Now Got Serious: Just Scroll Up Social To understand that ponytail with braid is the definitive hairstyle of the moment. Comfortable and timeless, it also features na├»ve waves Which takes us back to childhood and all those cute hairstyles we loved to flaunt as little girls, especially when it’s enriched with hairpins and clips, clips and colorful rubber bands. vibrant and attractive hair At the same time.

it is completely customization: you can embellish it rhinestones or glitterenrich it hair ornamentsmake it punk by putting piercings and chains Apply to hair or coiffure it for a romantic version mermaid braid: to show off also in maxi and exaggerated version with the help of disheveled and boho herringbone braid hair extensions,

In short, the braided ponytail is perfect for any occasion, live or in photographs: it will give character and originality to your look and your best shots.

The new obsession of stars and influencers

Bella Hadid’s ponytail

The fame of the braided ponytail has reached Hollywood, making even our favorite celebrities crazy. For bella hadid Crop is Y2K and trendy.

we can copy their style many peaks from only one high tailHere’s the perfect updo for summer days and our urban wardrobe.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Proposal

More sophisticated and chic lower version of Anya Taylor-Joy: The chess queen prefers a simple and low braid for sophistication and good effect. is this the perfect version for work or Celebration,

hyeon yung’s tail

Squid Games Star’s remaster is very similar hyeon yungwhich however sports a side one and is embellished with a jewel details, Stiff yet restrained, this braided ponytail is sure to appeal to any occasion.

Gigi Hadid’s ponytail braid

The proposal is very tight and impeccable gigi hadid: For international models, a green light for a very high and tidy ponytail and an oversized ponytail metropolitan look Able to explain in every situation.

Selena Gomez’s Braided Ponytail

Too Selena Gomez She gave her own interpretation by making a ponytail double top: One to cover the elastic and the other to cover the entire length of the hair. a winning idea when we need someone bon ton hairstyle without much effort.

Kendall Jenner’s crop

Kendall Jenner He often uses this hairstyle in his everyday life in a delicate and glamorous version low ponytail with bubble braid For important occasions and red carpets, or to revisit a fashion trend jellyfish tail with a harvest that flows into many small pigtails With an original and contemporary character.

Tail With Braid: Here’s How To Make It

tail with braid

Christian VerigGetty Images

If you too want to ride the wave and follow this hair trend, all you have to do is arm yourself with elastic bands and hairpins and try to reproduce the iconic braided tail. But How to do, Don’t worry, the process isn’t complicated and once you get the hang of the mechanism you can have fun making lots of things Versioning and Customization To get a result that is always different and never normal. But let’s go step by step.

  1. first we make tail, high or low, you can choose one neat and tidy or choose a variant messy and rebellious, In this case we recommend you to start by creating a fold To make everything more delicate and charming. On the other hand, if you choose a more rigorous queue, equip yourself Lacquer Or dry shampoo To discipline the hair and prevent the formation of baby hairs. that’s fine too hair gelespecially if you want to get a wet effect, Remember if the tail is high and well drawn it will give you thatlifting effect Which emphasizes the look and cheekbones, while a more disheveled motion frames the face by emphasizing the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  2. Once you’ve lined up, it’s time to move on peak, Here too you have carte blanche: you can make one or several, neat or tousled, classic or herringbone, with a twist or a four-pronged braid, etc. once you are satisfied with the peak fix it with a spray. This will give texture to the hair while keeping it in place.
  3. you can customize Hairstyle as you see fit hair accessories or adding volume and mass with the help of Expansion,

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