braids, multi-colored bikini sexy, melts the screen !


Maeva Ghennam has struck again ! On Instagram, this in braids, colorful bikini is sexy and excites the minds canvas ! MCE TV will tell you everything !

Maeva Ghennam know how the canvas are melting ! The pretty, young woman comes in fact, posting a new photo of her, ” muy caliente “. And for cause, this time, it appears in a bikini and sexy pigtails in colorful colors.


You have enough from the winter and its gloomy weather ? Fed up, the wind is blowing and the storm that roars ? Good news ! Because, to crown the new photo of Maeva Ghennam risk well a Sunny experience you on Monday afternoon. The pretty brunette scorching comes, in fact, to post cliché. A photo that melts fully to the canvas ! And for cause, it form of appears in parts in a white bikiniall of this, accessorized by a very pretty braids in bright colors.

But if you are accustomed to, photos, sexy, young woman, here it is in fact, fly ! The photo of the posted on the eve start of the new season in Marseille on W9shows a Maeva Ghennam at the top from its shape. And for cause, its forms, because this quick and your complexion will have fishing, what we filer complex !

Maeva Ghennam dares the braids with colorful

Hot in front of ! More for the bikini to accentuate your curves generous, Maeva Ghennam has daring, braids, colorful. A detail of an eccentric, which immediately excited his fans. And for cause, this choice gives it a great look, Japanese doll, good enough to eat ! A lot of people are extremely helpful, to ask him where they had done to his hairstyle. We love it !

In this case, it is the scream of his fans were to him, their love. The proof is in more than a cloud of √©mojis the heart, the pretty young woman has a bunch of feedback, praise,. “Beautiful“,” Too beautiful ! “or yet” Maeva Ghennam I love you “so inter have punctured his post. Words touching the pretty Marseillaise, which you can always rely on his fan club. Now the young woman in Marseille haste again, in the Caribbean, tonight at 18: 50 on W9 !