Brayden Smith Dies Aged 24, Jeopardy Champion!

Brayden Smith

One of the last champions to appear alongside the late Alex Trebek, he has died suddenly of undisclosed causes.

Brayden Smith, one of the last champions to appear in some of the final episodes of Jeopardy! who were taken in by the late Alex Trebek, has died suddenly at the age of 24.

According to a social media post written by Brayden’s mother Debbie, the death of The Jeopardy! it was unexpected. But he expressed gratitude that the “voracious reader” was able to achieve his dream of appearing on the quiz show.

“It breaks our hearts to share that our beloved Brayden Smith recently passed away unexpectedly,” Debbie’s post read. “We are so grateful that Brayden was able to make his dream come true at Jeopardy!”

In a statement shared on Twitter, the producers of Jeopardy! They wrote: “He was kind, funny and absolutely brilliant.

During his five-game winning streak, which was recorded last October, shortly before Trebek passed away from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Brayden earned the nickname “Billy Buzz Saw” and was known as the “last great champion. ”From the host.

Brayden made more than $ 115,000 during his time on the show.

So far it is not known what was Brayden’s cause of death.


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