Brazil confirms 102 cases of bird flu – rural

infection due to Avian Influenza In Brazil, they increased to 102, but none are commercial birds.

The world’s third largest poultry meat producer confirmed 102 outbreaks through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock on Sunday night (map).

Between 13 and 15 September, 7 new outbreaks in wild birds were confirmed: 6 on the coast of São Paulo (2 in Santos and the others in Guarujá, Itaniam, Praia Grande and Bertioga), 1 occurred in Rio de Janeiro (São João da Bar).

Of the confirmed cases so far, these are wild bird and two domestic birds.

A new investigation into the suspected case is ongoing. Since the first case was confirmed on May 15, 1,861 suspected cases of Avian Respiratory and Neurological Syndrome have been investigated in the country. Among them, there are 480 sample braids.

The state with the highest number of outbreaks is Espírito Santo (28 wild birds and 1 surviving bird), followed by São Paulo (27 wild birds), Rio de Janeiro (18 wild birds), Paraná (12), Santa Clara Talina (10 wild birds), birds and 1 surviving bird), Bahia (4) and Rio Grande do Sul (1). According to World Organization for Animal Health (WHOSA) criteria, Brazil is still considered free of HPAI as there are no confirmed cases of infection in birds in the production sector.

Source: MAPA and Abrafrigo

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