Brazil increasingly devastated

New images released in recent days reinforce what is already known: the total impunity with which illegal miners act in the Amazon region, including in environmental reserve areas and demarcated territories of indigenous communities, is growing more and more.

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By Eric Nepomuceno
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Now there are hundreds of ships anchored in the waters of the madeira river, about 115 kilometers from Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, all dedicated to searching for gold.

They arrived a little over a fortnight ago and settled in. The mineral extraction it is prohibited in the region, but they work without being disturbed.


In addition to being illegal, mining brings a greater risk: mercury contamination. The miners stir the bottom of the river, They filter for gold and then return the contaminated water, which in turn contaminate the fish that are the basic diet of the population.

Specialists say that, despite the impact caused by the images, mining in the waters of the madeira river it is less destructive than invasions of indigenous reserves.

Invasions of the town reserves Yanomami both in the state of Amazon as in the neighbor Roraima They are organized by organized groups that arrive in planes and helicopters, have expensive equipment, have the financial backing of drug traffickers and the government’s inertia, if not the incentive, to act with impunity.

Last Wednesday, when the action in the waters of the Madeira It was already two weeks old, the authorities decided to open an investigation. The next day the vice president, reformed general Hamilton Mourão, announced that the Federal Police and the Navy “Prepare to act.” When, he didn’t say. Most likely they will no longer find any of the illegal miners.


It is another advance in the environmental degradation unleashed under the far-right Jair Bolsonaro. As an immediate consequence, more pressures will come and the isolation of Brazil on the international stage.

Last Thursday the German ambassador to Brasilia, Heiko tohms, warned that the new government of his country, led by Olaf Scholz, will give more emphasis to the environmental issue. In passing, he stressed that he received, from the government of Bolsonaro, “wrong” information – diplomatically avoided the correct word, “liars” – about the advance of the stripping in the Amazon.

In meetings with members of the government, he was informed that land clearing had decreased by five percent between August 2020 and July 2021. It actually increased 22 percent. He said it was “a big negative surprise.”

Regarding these data, it should be remembered that they were consolidated and available since October 27, four days before the start of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, made in Glasgow. Another of the manipulations of Bolsonaro and company: they were only known four days after the close of the meeting.

The 22 percent increase allowed the calculation of what happened between August 2020 and last July: the clearing of at least 745 million trees, which means 13,235 kilometers, an area equivalent to 65 times the Buenos aires city.

Since January 1, 2019, when Bolsonaro came to the presidency, they were knocked down – watch out! – nineteen hundred million trees.

But far right insists on reducing the size of the tragedy and its consequences not only for the environment, but also for the image of Brazil, increasingly worn out on the global stage.


While the amazonia bleeds in the eyes of the world, his government oscillates between inertia and the incentive to attack indigenous reserves, invaded with increasing voracity.

The far right tries to defend yourself in the eyes of the world, tries to convince that what happens does not happen. Useless effort.

The most serious thing is that disaster price It will not fall on the shoulders of the government, but of the 213 million Brazilians.

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