BRAZIL – Rodrygo defends himself against racist insults after argument with Lionel Messi: ‘They are criminals’

Jose Luis Blanco Pagan

Rodrigo noted that “racists are always on guard” after being insulted in posts on Instagram.

Rodrygo published an article about racist comments that appeared on his social networks following a discussion with Lionel Messi during the sixth round match between Argentina and Brazil at the Maracana Stadium. South American qualifiers.

In the winger’s last publication on November 11, dozens of users accused Rodrigo of calling Argentinian players “cowards” following an incident between fans of both teams inside the stadium. Drigo left the field.

“Racists are always on their guard. My social networks have been invaded by offensive and ridiculous comments,” he said on his Instagram account.

“If we don’t do what they want, if we don’t behave the way they think we should be, if we wear clothes that annoy them, if we don’t bow our heads when they attack us, if we occupy what they think is Their own business, the racists came in. Take action against him for his criminal behavior,” the Real Madrid attacker said.

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Lionel Messi grabbed Rodrigo by the neck and Rodrigo was unhappy. | Source: TyC Sports

Messi grabbed his neck

Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0, which was the first home defeat in the team’s history. South American qualifiers. The goal came from Nicolas Otamendi, although the game came close to being suspended before the opening whistle following an incident between Brazilian police and “Albiceleste” fans at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Minutes later, Argentina retreated to the dressing room in protest before returning to the pitch. However, the situation on the field did not calm down due to the duel between Messi and Messi. Rodrigo is gone.

At some point, forward real Madrid He was arguing with Rodrigo De Paul, although he wasn’t the only one, as Messi didn’t like the Brazilian striker’s posture and grabbed him by the neck. Rodrigo immediately realized that if it weren’t for the intervention of a group of Canalinha players, the scene would have been close to breaking out into a fight.

TyC Sports reveals what he told him Messi vs Rodrigo. “If we are world champions, why are we shit?” Argentinian media said of the situation.

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