Brazil says Japan will lift bird flu trade restrictions within 15 days

Brazil’s Agriculture Minister Carlos Favaro said on Monday he believed the Japanese government would lift restrictions on Brazilian chicken imports “within 15 days at the most” due to bird flu cases.

Favaro said at a press conference Japan is already working on a new agreement The bill provides for restrictions to be imposed by municipalities rather than state governments (as is the case now), and means removing restrictions on imports from Brazil, the world’s largest chicken exporter.

“If so, the state of Santa Catarina will not restrict any exports because the municipality that registered the case has no commercial farms,” ​​he said.

Favaro said the change appeared to be more “Fair and Efficient” And confirmed it would bring “more flexibility” to the commercial relationship.

Japan Imports of Brazilian chicken will be suspended from mid-July Cases of bird flu have been detected on a family farm in the city of Santa Catarina in the south of the country.

Chickens on poultry farm.Effiguero/Eduardo Abad

Favaro traveled to Japan last week to meet Japanese authorities and show them the “quality and assurance” of the South American poultry flu control system.
Six of Brazil’s 27 states have declared a state of health emergency since the first case of migratory birds was detected in May.

Even so, Brazil is still one of four countries in the world No cases of bird flu reported on commercial farmsAccording to Favaro.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the country has determined 75 cases of bird flu outbreak in wild birds There were two cases in poultry but none in commercial farms.

Brazil is the world’s largest chicken exporter, with a 35 percent market share so far this year, with shipments of 2.6 million tonnes, about 8 percent of which went to Japan.

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