Breast milk donation saves lives of girls and boys

breast milk donation

• The Ministry of Health and Social Security stipulates that breast milk, as a living fluid, is the best nutrient for enhancing the life, health and nutrition of girls and boys.

• Bogota has a breast milk bank, located at the Kennedy Hospital.

• For the donation process, there is a telephone line (3013810487) that provides necessary information and support.

Bogota, District of Columbia, August 25, 2023. The campaign to promote the importance of breastfeeding continues, which is why residents of the town of Teusaquillo participated in a forum held in the IPARM auditorium of the National University, where they learned about the importance of donating breast milk for hospitalized children. health centre.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection defines breast milk as a living fluid, the best nutrient for enhancing the life, health and nutrition of girls and boys.

Breastfeeding team nurse Milena Rivera Becerra stresses the importance of breastfeeding. “Breast milk banking in Colombia is a strategy to strengthen breastfeeding promotion.”

There are currently 14 breast milk banks in Colombia, inviting breastfeeding women to donate their breast milk to save the lives of girls and boys in poor health.

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Rivera said that while there are donors, there are people and talents in the community who don’t recognize the criteria for being a breast milk donor.

What is the breast milk donation process like?

For this donation process there is a telephone line (3013810487) which provides the necessary information and support. Once a donor has been identified, laboratory tests are done to rule out diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS.

Likewise, it is possible to verify that a potential donor has not consumed psychoactive substances, tobacco or alcoholic beverages.

The person is then interviewed, the milk is extracted, collected and finally transported to the bank where it undergoes the pasteurization process.

For those who participated in the “Work and Breastfeeding, Teusaquillo Commitment to Breastfeeding” forum, it was great to see how breast milk banks work. “I leave behind the teaching that children must be breastfed so they can enjoy good health and a happy life,” said one participant in the space.

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