Breathe new life into your old tablet with these tricks

Today, we’re going to take a look at the best tricks and functions you can perform with your device before you throw it in a container. If one works for you, you can even buy a used one to use.

What should I do with my old tablet?

We’ll review some of the tricks we’ve used or come up with, but if you have another, please leave us a comment in the comments and we’ll be happy to add it.

First we’ll look at how to make a digital photo frame out of a tablet because these are fun but they cost a lot of money and if we have a tablet that we don’t use we can perform the same functions without costing anything.

tablet computer digital photo frame

we have to go Settings > Display > Screensaver Then select the Google Photos application where we can add photos or albums that we want to autoplay (every 10 seconds they will pass by) we just have to buy a dock or hang the tablet where we want We already have this new invention in our house 24/7.

Another function that we can perform is as a second screen or monitor. Both from our computer and use it as a TV. To use it as a display there are various applications, including DuetDisplay, which allows us to have a second screen on iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Mac, either by cable or wirelessly (not recommended). But there’s more.

monitor tablet

It’s like watching TV from a tablet. We just have to download the DTT app or the channel we want to play. We could buy a compatible wireless controller, and a stand to hang it or place it on a table, but that’s it. Small but functional.

If your tablet isn’t working properly anymore… one thing you can do is use it as a digital calendar. You’ll be able to use a number of applications, including Google Calendar, and with support, you’ll be able to have your calendar in electronic format and write and review any appointments or events that interest you. So you never forget the days you lived and the things you have to remember.

digital calendar

As with the previous function, you can use it as an alarm clock on your nightstand. By adjusting the brightness to its lowest level and activating the screen never turns off feature (or using a screensaver as a first trick), you can have both a clock and an alarm and nothing else. You can also add a calendar or radio widget and put something more modern in your room.

Alarm clock

Of course, we also have many functions like using it in the car, such as Android Auto, browsers, etc. If you think there’s something important that we didn’t mention, we’ll repeat it again, leave it in the comments and we’ll add it.

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