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The heartthrob of Beverly Hills 90210 Brian Austin Green she’s had her fair share of relationships over the years, and one can’t help but notice that many of her stories followed a common pattern. The actor playing David Silver in the cult show of the nineties he has in fact had the habit of fall in love with her female colleaguesso much so that in Beverly Hills 90210 he intertwined a romantic liaison with three of the actresses of the series.

There private life of Brian Austin Green rose to prominence when the then 30-year-old began dating Megan Fox who was only eighteen at the time, ending up in the spotlight mainly for theirs Age difference. After a marriage and three children, the couple decided to separate in 2020. However, both managed to move on and find new love: while Megan Fox is now inseparable from the singer Machine Gun Kelly, Brian has found love again with dancer Sharna Burgess.

Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling

The first of the liaisons intertwined by the actor on the set of the famous TV series 90210 was none other than with Tori Spellingcarrying the romance between Donna and David even off screen. It was Tori herself who confessed it for the first time, a statement later confirmed by Brian during an interview with Andy Cohen in 2019.

Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Thiessen

The year after his romance with Tori Spelling, Brian began a relationship with another famous actress of the 90s, Tiffani Thiessenprotagonist of the sitcom Bayside School. The two dated from 1992 to 1995 and over the course of their relationship, they also became costars on Beverly Hills when Tiffani was brought on to play the part of Valerie Malone in the hit TV series.

Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcile

Probably spinning some love potion on the set of Beverly Hills because on set Brian he fell in love for the third time with one of his set colleagues. In this case it was to fall into the arms of the shy David Vanessa Marcile who plays the evil Gina Kincaid in the series. The two were engaged for about four years, from 1999 to 2003 and in 2002 they became parents for the first time of his son Kassius. However, their story didn’t have the happy ending they hoped for, eventually separating in 2003. In 2018, the General Hospital actress even claimed on Instagram that she and her ex were involved in a custody battle for their son that started in 2006.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

In 2004, Brian met the actress from transformers on the set of Hope & Faithand for both it was a stroke of lightning. Although the media blamed their age difference at the time (he was 30, she was 18) the two were never bothered by it. getting married in 2010 with an intimate ceremony in Hawaii. However their relationship was marked by many ups and downs, so much so that in 2015, after becoming parents of two children, they filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Eight months later however, Megan Fox revealed that she was pregnant with their third child, an event that prompted them to get back together in 2016. Again, however, the story did not have a happy ending and the couple officially divorced in 2020.

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Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess

Brian’s single period was short-lived and shortly after, the actor found love again in the arms of the dancer Sharna Burgess.

Despite their high profile careers, the first date of Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Greenas those directly involved said, it was very normal: in fact, the two, who share the same manager, met for a simple coffee, but love at first sight was around the corner.

“On our first date, we completely lost track of time and the next time the same thing happened,” Brian Austin Green told the magazine. People. “It became something dramatically different than anything I’d ever experienced before.”

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However, while Brian was still recovering from the divorce with Megan Fox, Sharna was instead ready to start a lasting relationship: however Brian changed his mind quickly when he realized that Sharna could become the woman of his life. Also thanks to the pandemic, the couple was able to spend a lot of time together and get to know each other better. After making their romance official on Instagram , thea couple competed together in the American version of dancing with the Stars, program where Sharna worked as a dance teacher. Despite their undeniable chemistry, the two didn’t make a splash on the track, eventually being eliminated in the fourth episode. However, soon after their elimination, Sharna she found out she was pregnant of their first child, Zane, who was born in June 2022.

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