Briatore on vacation with children Nathan Falko and Leni Klum: who is the 19-year-old model

Family vacation for Flavio Briatore. The entrepreneur shared on social media a picture of himself posing smiling with his two children: Nathan Falko, born 13 years ago from his marriage to Elisabetta Gregorachi, and Leni Klum, born in 2004 to his former partner, German model Heidi. Klum. “Vacation in Munich with Leni and Nathan Falko”, Briatore writes in the caption of the photo, receiving many comments, including from his ex-wife Elisabetta, who added two hearts as emoji. The images show that between the two brothers, despite the fact that they do not live under the same roof, serenity reigns.

Who is Leni Klum, daughter of Flavio Briatore

The history of the relationship between Leni and her father Flavio is multifaceted. difficult and remains strictly confidential. Leni, model born in 2004, was born a few months after the end of the relationship between Briatore and Victoria’s Secret angel Heidi Klum. A decidedly serene atmosphere that led the entrepreneur to a radical and difficult decision do not recognize the daughter. In reality, Leni grew up with her mother’s then-partner, singer Seal, who then adopted her, officially making her his daughter. That’s why the former Benetton and Renault Formula 1 team manager is very grateful to Seal, and in this regard, I reported some time ago Republic: “I adore Leni and am very proud of her (…) She is not only beautiful, but strong and independent, passionate about life, even if I have no merit in this, and I thank Heidi for raising her. Our friend has a problem with distances, because he lives in Los Angeles. The real father who raised her was Seal, and I have a good relationship with him..

First meeting in 2018

Father and daughter would have met for the first time only in 2018, when Leni was already 14 years old. However, over the years, the two have been talking on the phone. Then, in 2022, the entrepreneur invited the model to spend a few vacation days in Sardinia, in connection with which the girl met his half-brother Nathan. “Falco is happy that he has a sister. A couple of years ago we told him that she was big and he told me: “Dad, I already knew.” Also, because now kids go to Google and find out everything.” businessman said Republic. Then he added: “But he never told me about it, probably out of shame. He was waiting for me to do it, but they followed each other on Instagram. They did everything earlier and better than us adults.”. And for those who criticized him as an absent father, he reported: “I’m proud of her, I love her as much as Falco”. Even Elisabetta Gregoracci explained how ordinary the relationship between Nathan and his sister was, despite the fact that they met late, and therefore said in the living room of Sylvia Toffanin: very true: “They look for each other a lot, often hear each other”. In a word, judging by the photos published by the entrepreneur on Instagram, this year things are even better.

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