Bride of Frankenstein, Netflix pulls out of Christian Bale and Penélope Cruz movie

It appears that Bride of Frankenstein will no longer be bought by Netflix, which therefore opted to ditch the film starring Christian Bale and Penélope Cruz.

Frankenstein’s wife (original name Bride) will no longer be produced Netflix: the streaming giant decided to essentially abandon the remake with Christian Bale AND Penelope Cruzdirector Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Bride of Frankenstein, Netflix pulls out of Christian Bale and Penélope Cruz movie

At the beginning of August, drum world broke the news that the 1935 remake of The Wife of Frankenstein would be led by Maggie Gyllenhaal and that the production of the film was commissioned Netflix. In the film, one of the monsters of Universal, the bride of Frankenstein, is to be revived, and she was thinking about the role of the main character. Penelope Cruzsurrounded Christian Bale as Dr. Frankenstein. According to an insider Daniel Richmanreasons that would encourage Netflix The rejection of the project depends on the strike of writers and actors, which is now underway:

“Netflix has used the strikes to get rid of some projects, including Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Bride, which will now be hosted elsewhere. Penelope Cruz was offered to play the bride, and Christian Bale was Dr. Frankenstein.”

For the remake Netflix allocated an $80 million budget and filming was scheduled to begin in the first months of 2024. Given the streaming giant’s exit from the project, it’s reasonable to assume the film will remain on hold for now, pending the search for new producers. The one in between Netflix AND gyllenhaal this would be the second collaboration after the film adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s novel. dark daughterwith Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson.

Remake, director gyllenhaal he is also not the only one in the work: Netflix AND Guillermo del ToroIn fact, they formed a partnership to give life to a Mexican director’s personal adaptation of Frankenstein. The work to which Taurus has been running for many years and starring Mia Goth, Oscar Isaacs and Andrew Garfield. Given the similarity of the two works, although the plot, direction and cast will give two completely different results, it’s also likely that Netflix decided to focus on the most addictive game yet.also saw the huge success that the works had Taurus – from him Pinocchiomultiple award winning anthology series Kunstkamera brought to the platform.

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