Brigitte Macron is preparing to make her first TV appearance… in a game on TF1!


It has now been three years since her husband was elected President of the Republic, but Brigitte Macron has never had the opportunity to honor her presence on television. Soon it will be done… in a particularly fun game.

It is an official press release that may surprise more than one French. After three years as First Lady, Brigitte Macron is preparing to make her first TV appearance. And not just any.

If we expected a presence in the newspaper, or even during a program such as C à Vous for example, it is ultimately on TF1, in a game show with other personalities, that Brigitte Macron will honor her presence. As indicated in the official press release, the First Lady of France will be present this Friday, January 22 at 9:05 p.m. on the first channel, on the occasion of the Great Animators Competition presented by Alessandra Sublet.

It is therefore as President of the Fondation des Hopitaux de France, and for the benefit of the Pièces Jaunes, that the latter will delight viewers with its presence. Accompanied by Didier Deschamps, sponsor of Operation Yellow Pieces, as well as the Vice-President of the Hospitals Foundation, Anne Barrère, the First Lady will participate in the game of questions from the host Alessandra Sublet. A presence that will certainly surprise many viewers since recently Brigitte Macron is rather absent from the media scene. After having been in contact, following the Head of State’s Covid-19 infection, she has indeed distanced herself from the crowd but now seems ready to return in better shape than ever.

During the program of the Great Host’s Contest, the First Lady will be surrounded by many celebrities who have decided to mobilize for a good cause, such as Arthur, Christophe Beaugrand, Elsa Fayer, Denis Brogniart, Jean-Luc Reichmann, Karine Ferri or even Jean-Pierre Foucault and many others. A unique and exceptional evening that risks bringing in a tidy sum of money for the association!