Brigitte Macron soon in Koh-Lanta? The crazy idea of ​​Camille Combal!


We recently learned that it would be on January 22 on TF1 for the Great Animators Competition. This January 16, Brigitte Macron surprised everyone, in a video shot with Camille Combal!

To support the Yellow Pieces operation, Camille Combal has more than one idea in her bag. In a humorous sketch shot with the first lady of France, Brigitte Macron, who came accompanied by Didier Deschamps, the godfather of the operation, the host has multiplied the gags.

He first thought that Brigitte Macron could participate in “Mask Singer”, disguised as a big piggy bank. She declined, assuring “this year, there is no piggy bank. Health crisis requires. It is a digitalization of the operation”. He then offered to join Dance with the stars with Didier Deschamps as a partner, the first lady and the coach of the Blues politely declined.

Brigitte Macron calls for donation

Finally, on the doorstep, Camille Combal tried to convince them to do “Koh-Lanta”. The former teacher took Didier Deschamps by the arm, to save himself in the elevator. On Twitter, the star of the paf said “Too happy to have participated in this brainstorm”. More seriously, she recalled that “the Pieces Jaunes foundation and all its members come to the aid of hospitalized children” and that to support them, you can even send DONATION to 92 111 and give 5 euros.

Camille Combal finally concluded with humor: “I will never be hired at the Élysée. Even less selected”.