Brignano replies with a mockery

ROME – Guest of the April 2 episode of “Che tempo che fa”, a program broadcast on Rai 3 and hosted by Fabio Faziowas Henry Brignanocomedian, actor, voice actor and Lazio fan which however, surprisingly, was received in the studio on the notes of “Thank you Rome”, representative hymn of the Giallorossi fans. A joke that Brignano laughed at, but answered like this: “This music underneath… You were wrong. Did you think I was Amendola?” Then he added: “Thanks Rome? Thanks to the c… Rome is the city, but I belong to a club that was there before Rome, since 1900, 1 January…”. Blatantly wrong.

Brignano’s gaffe

Brignano guessed the year Lazio was founded, 1900, but got the day completely wrong: the Biancoceleste club was not born on January 1, 1900, but on January 9. A gaffe that has not escaped the Lazio fans.

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