Brilliant quick-change artist Ennio Marchetto is a guest at Pride Village Virgo. #sponsor

New week in Maiden’s Pride Villagethe largest Italian LGBTQIA+ festival that will spice up evenings in Padua Fair with an extensive program of events from theater to music.

From Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 August a brilliant fast-paced artist will take the stage at the event in Paduana Ennio Marchettostand-up comedian Ivano Bisi AND Neelleniasympathy miss drag second season Drag racing Italy.

There will be an opportunity to unleash dance floor with parties organized in collaboration with the most famous entertainment realities: Red Bologna AND Burdock.

In addition, the fifth edition will be held in the village on Saturday evening. Podiuma fashion show born to bring inclusiveness and the desire to participate in the catwalks.

Ennio Marchetto guest at Pride Village Virgo

Wednesday, August 23 Maiden’s Pride Village will have the pleasure of opening his week hosting a brilliant quick turn artist Ennio Marchetto, an artist who, for over 30 years of his career, has been at the center of the most prestigious scenes in the world: Edinburgh, London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and many others. Determined New York Times, “…absolute scream… unstoppable”, Marchetto will bring LGBTQIA + to the festival Cartoon Living Paper, a real Babylon of music, theater and creativity. In fact, thanks to costumes made entirely of paper, characters of caliber Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, my, Lisa Minnelli, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ornella Vanoni, Vasco Rossi, Maria Callas, Marco Mengoni. By repeating their movements and tics, the actor moves them, reveals them, adds painted details and paper wigs, creating an exciting and unique show.

When the gates of the Padua Fair open, 19.30audience will be greeted by music and humorAperiradioinfotainment moment hosted by Juswa AND Lorenzo Bosio. The evening will end as always in the name of the dance on boulevard c in console Missy Jay Light. In the evenings, Missy participated in events combining hip-hop, R&B and trap, choreographed by champion Italian street show team Jam Session, already known on the small screen through various Rai Mediaset and MTV performances.

(Entrance 10 euros from 19:30 to 23:30, free from 23:30 to 2:00)

In Pride Village, a corrosive satire on Ivano Bisi, a man from the continent

Politically incorrect, author of corrosive and disarming jokes. It looks like this Ivano Bisiprotagonist of the evening Stand Up Comedy from Thursday, August 24. Zelig and Comedy Central comedian will take the stage. Continent Manmonologue without respect and fear of any judgment or prejudice, sexism, racism, adultery, social wars and other bloody topics, touched with the typical ease of those who try to wear the clothes of those who take nothing seriously.

Waiting for the show, duringAperiradiothe public will be able to enjoy an aperitif or After dinner, and then dine on Asian cuisine, sushi and fusion, first courses and grilled fish tartare, pizza and gourmet burgers, thanks to the various restaurants and pubs in the city center that have moved their summer garden to the Festival.

Thursday Disco Console Trusted raddaDJ known for his collaborations with clubs and events throughout the peninsula.

(Entrance is free from 19:30 to 14:00)

Books, drag shows and music for the last Friday of August.

Straight from the second season Drag racing Italywhere she got the Miss Drag Sympathy sash, Friday 25 August will come to the village Neellenia, a performer who takes his stage name from the mythological character of the same name, as well as the Sailor Moon manga character. Irony and fun are an integral part of his image and his shows, in which his screaming “Annarita” has become a cult.

Pride Village will arrive before the show Edward Zaggia AND Albert Sacco pair of authors he created Address booksa devastating comedy show that entered the net with a straight leg and a podcast with just as much success Kate. Occasion – volume presentation I’m afraid of sisters (Mondadori 2023), a series of hilarious stories that, taken together, almost resemble a tabloid romance of generations. In a world that makes every manifestation of it neurotic, from relationships to work (underpaid), from paying taxes to what we like to eat, wear or even talk about, the book is a mosaic in which we can all find ourselves disguised as Sister Katya. An influential butterfly or bee is Mary’s colleague, friend, family member or, if we look closely, even ourselves.

In fact the weekend wouldn’t start if I dance floor of the Village didn’t double up to accommodate the best console virtuosos. boulevard host a party organized in collaboration with Red Bologna With Matty P and his choice based on the big hits of the moment. TO palavillage Thomas Dale will open the set Doublea young duo of DJs and producers, the promise of the Italian house and tech house scene.

(Free admission from 19:30 to 21:00; 8 euros from 21:00 to 4:00)

Saturday night at Pride Village Virgo between fashion shows and 90s style parties.

It will start in the name of fashion and its inclusive spirit on Saturday night Maiden’s Pride Village. On boulevard in fact, models and models Podium in the village. In its fifth edition, an inclusive project coordinated by Roberto Zanussowas created to give boys, girls and drag queens the opportunity to take part, getting closer to the catwalk world without even being a pro.

Then the party will continue until late at night in the name of the dance. In the street they’ll dance to the beat pop disco From Goddesses. TO palavillage instead, we’ll go back in time thanks to the party.”A90“organized Burdock, in which all the best hits of the 90s will once again win the hearts of the public. Will create magic Silver DJ, known for its remixes and participation in the evenings of famous clubs such as Pineta and Papeete in Milano Marittima, Capogiro in Bergamo, Fellini in Milan and, among the first disco clubs, Picchio Rosso in Modena. To spice up the party even more, take care of Bear Doc Boys.

(Free admission from 19:30 to 21:00; €8 from 21:00 to 23:30; €18 from 23:30 to 4:00 including first drink)

Maiden’s Pride Village

Sixteenth edition Maiden’s Pride Village organized with patronage of the Municipality of Padua and the Virgin Foundation. Title and main sponsor: Cosmetics Virgo Milano. Village partners are: bitHOUSE website, Suomi, Onova, Quality, Dorek, Red Bull, Campari, R31 AND Coca Colafor the fifth year in a row among Pride Village supporters and this year the SAT PINK Association of Verona and Padua, which supports people in transition with psychological, legal and medical services.

Thanks to the support of Ticketmaster during events it will be possible buy a ticket in advancebypassing the checkout line and gaining access to VIP parterre under the stage.

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