Brisbane International Film Festival 2023 program

The Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) kicks off in 2023 with the Australian premiere of Taika Waititi’s Next Goal to Win on Closing Night, starring Michael Fassbender.

The program is packed with Queensland premieres of new films from acclaimed directors, including Yargos Lanthimos’ Poor Men starring Emma Stone, Todd Haynes’ highly anticipated May December starring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore’s Palme d’Or winner Justine. Trieu’s film Anatomy of a Fall and Kitty Green’s dramatic thriller The Royal Hotel.

“Our film festival brings diverse perspectives to filmmakers from around the world, and we are proud to showcase these voices and their stories,” says BIFF CEO Luke Wheatley.

“This program is ambitious and has a clear vision of stories that will make you think and perhaps see the world differently. These are films from emerging and established directors at their best, and I can’t wait to sit in the theater and share them.”

In 2023, BIFF will host two world premieres, two Australian premieres, 38 Queensland premieres and 18 short films, as well as two Industry Days.

The 2023 BIFF program showcases a wealth of unusual and exciting films from Australia and around the world,” says BIFF Head of Programming Sacha Close.

“With a full lineup of two wonderful, heartwarming films that recently debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, there’s something for everyone: delightful comedies, riveting documentaries and dramatic thrillers, plus a special opening weekend programming day showcasing incredible Brisbane talent and a special selection for the young and young at heart.”

Brisbane film lovers will have plenty to choose from.

The Special Presentation section features films such as “Monster” by acclaimed director Kore-eda Hirokazu and “The Royal Hotel” by Kitty Green. . . Highlights from Australia include Bring Him to Me, directed by Luke Spark, and Rooster, starring Hugo Weaving, directed by Mark Leonard Winter.

There are also international events, such as the award-winning documentary Beyond Utopia. . . Stylish and smart futuristic cartoon “Martian Express”. . . And Cannes Prize winner Tiger Stripes.

The New Wave movement includes works such as Madeleine Dyer’s Wild Christmas and the strange coming-of-age story Sunflower by Gabriel Carruba.

The weird comes through in the WTF direction, featuring scary, strange films like You’ll Never Find Me, which premiered at Tribeca, and the modern Frankenstein story, Birth/Rebirth.

Remastered classics such as Contempt (1963) and Rabbit Fence also made it to the big screen.

Finally, there’s something for everyone as BIFF presents two family film masterpieces: The Fighting Wombat: Back 2 Back and Robot Dreams.

“The Brisbane International Film Festival is a highlight of the state’s screen culture calendar, bringing audiences together to share and see the best work from local filmmakers, as well as a diverse selection of national and international cinema,” says Screen Queensland CEO Jacqui Feeney.

“Screen Queensland recognizes that festivals are vital to attracting audiences and we are particularly proud that this year’s program includes the Queensland premieres of four locally produced films, including Wild Christmas and the world premiere of The Fighting Wombat: Back 2 Back.” as a series of meaningful industry events designed to bring screen professionals and audiences together.”

The Brisbane International Film Festival runs from October 26 to November 5.

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