British media reveals it: Tom Cruise would have given up on Scientology, here’s the reason

According to British media, Hollywood star Tom Cruise (
According to British media, Hollywood star Tom Cruise (“Mission: Impossible”) has left Scientology. Cruz was one of the most recognizable faces of the controversial religious movement.


Hollywood star Tom Cruise is the most famous face of the Scientology religious movement. However, it seems that the hero of the action movie left the scandalous church. This is reported by the British media. One reason was Suri’s daughter with actress Katie Holmes.

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  • Action star Tom Cruise is known as a high-ranking member of Scientology.
  • His marriage to fellow actress Katie Holmes reportedly ended due to his membership in a controversial religious movement.
  • But now Tom Cruise would turn his back on Scientology, according to the British media.

According to insiders of the Scientology religious movement, the hero of the Mission Impossible saga Tom Cruise he would say Goodbye (goodbye Ed).

The American actor is considered one of the most famous and high-ranking members of the scandalous church.

According to the British portal “Daily Mirror”, citing insider information, the Hollywood star left Scientology very recently and would no longer be a member.

In England, he had not attended Scientology for several years.

According to a British newspaper, Cruz has been filming mostly in the UK lately. At this time, he will stop visiting the British headquarters.

The first news of his departure appeared in 2021. Then it seemed that he was in a “spiritual crisis.”

The actor has been one of Scientology’s most famous faces for decades. Also John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright And Elisabeth Moss they will be his followers.

Even an actress Leah Remini (The “King of Queens”) has been a member of what experts consider a dangerous cult for many years. In 2013, she announced her retirement, and this summer, Remini is suing Scientologists.

Scientology will dictate Cruz’s life

The movie star has not yet commented on the latest British media reports. His affiliation with the church played an important role in parting with both of his ex-wives, i.e. Nicole Kidman AND Katie Holmes.

Desire to keep your daughter Suri Away from Scientology, Holmes was given sole custody of the child.

And it was Suri (17 years old) that could be one of the reasons why Cruz distanced himself from the religious movement.

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