Britney Spears’ 18-year-old son Sean Preston opens up about his difficult relationship with his mother

Since she divorced the actor and model last August Sam Ashgarihardly a day goes by without it Britney Spears make news. The international press followed his every move in great detail, from the parties he attended to the possible names of his next horse. However, the member of Spears’ family making headlines today was her firstborn. Sean Preston Federline Spearshaving reached the age of majority.

Preston is the singer’s first child born from a relationship with a dancer. Kevin Federline. Author Toxic she was already married in 2004 to Jason Alexander, a high school friend with whom he had an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas. After 55 hours, without signing a prenuptial agreement, they divorced (for which Alexander received a large check). A few months later, Spears tied the knot with Federline. In 2005, Sean Preston, according to Britney, “her first love,” was born. A year later, their youngest son, Jaden, who is now sixteen, was born.

Since childhood, Sean Preston Federline Spears has often appeared in the press due to the controversy surrounding his mother. For example, Britney’s legendary cover appearance with her head shaved dates back to 2007: an action carried out due to mental illness, arising mainly from a divorce from the father of her children, due to habitual drug use and due to the siege of the press. For Britney, 2007 was also the year she was committed to a mental health center and lost custody of her children, who were given to her ex-husband (a battle that continues to this day). From then until 2021, Britney Spears has been under the legal guardianship of her father. Jamie Spearshe never saw his children again.

Since then, Sean Preston and his brother Jayden have been living with their father-stepmother (volleyball player Victoria Prince) and half-siblings Jordan (12 years old) e Peyton (9 years old), in addition to the dancer’s older children, Corey (21 years old) e Caleb (19 years old), born from a previous relationship with an actress Shar Jackson. At the beginning of September last year, in a worldwide exclusive interview with the magazine Daily mail in which they confessed their intentions to move with their father to Hawaii, Preston and Jayden spoke about their relationship with their mother and the animosity they had with their grandfather due to the way he treated her.

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“There is no hatred, but it will take a lot of time and effort to restore the relationship with our mother and overcome the emotional trauma suffered,” they told the British newspaper. “I am absolutely convinced that the situation can be resolved. It just takes a lot of time and effort. I just want him to feel better mentally. When she gets better, I can’t wait to see her again,” Jaden added. “Preston and I are very close. He always takes care of me and I do the same for him. We make sure we’re both mentally healthy.” Britney Spears responded to her children with a loving message on social media, explaining that she has “always tried to be the best person for them” and that she “loves them both deeply.”

The two brothers also admitted to the newspaper what they think about the provocative photos that Spears posts on her Instagram profile, dancing in a swimsuit or underwear. In some she’s even naked. “I try to explain to the kids that maybe it’s just another way for her to express herself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother them. It’s difficult,” Federline adds. Britney also commented on the situation, explaining that she was sad that her ex-partner went public with his children’s opinions of her.

Federline told the magazine People that the move to Hawaii, which finally took place this summer, “will offer interesting work and professional opportunities for Sean Preston,” who plans to attend college after completing his senior year of high school remotely. Little is known about the personal lives of the two teenagers, who have remained out of the spotlight in recent years, except for news about their mother. However, they are known to be passionate about music and dancing: an interest inherited from their parents. And that no matter what, as they explained to a British newspaper, “they idolize their mother.”

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