Britney Spears breaks silence after divorce from Sam Asghari: ‘I can’t take it anymore’

Britney Spears he broke the silence and spoke for the first time about the breakdown of her marriage to Sam Asghari, with which she came to the altar just 14 months ago. “As everyone knows, Sam and I are no longer together. Six years in a relationship is a long time and I’m still a little surprised . I’m not here to explain the reasons for our breakup, because, frankly, it’s nobody’s business, but I can’t take this much pain anymore.”

Britney Spears and her ex-husband Sam

Although neither of the two protagonists of this story was willing to provide more details about what happened, the American news portal .tmz extension indicates that the dancer left the family home after a violent quarrel with the singer, whom she accused of cheating on domestic workers. The aforementioned media also note that the couple’s personal trainer reported that the singer attacked her ex-husband while he was sleeping, leaving him with a black eye and marks on his forearms.

Britney and Sam on the beach

Likewise, log People And BBC note that Sam Asgari requested in the Los Angeles County Superior Court that Britney pay child support and attorney fees. He also wants to reserve the right to change the property and common law requirements that are reflected in the agreement. prenuptial agreement, which both signed in 2022. The contract stipulated that in the event of a breakup, the actor would not be entitled to the money that the pop princess earned in the years before their wedding. Likewise, his name did not appear on the documents of his Thousand Oaks (California) mansion.

Britney Spears’ delicate personal situation

The 41-year-old singer is going through a difficult time and is very grateful for all the expressions of affection that her unconditional fans are sending her through social media. “I have received many messages on the Internet that have melted my heart. Thanks a lot”.

The support he regrets is not provided by his family. “I would like to show what I really am, my emotions and my tears, but I have to hide my weaknesses. or my father would send his army of doctors to cure me. When I need my people most to love me unconditionally, I have to be stronger and do my best.”

It should be remembered that Britney Spears was under the strict legal guardianship of his father James for over ten years. He stressed that this measure is more than I had to save my daughter’s life because he believes he is incapable of making his own decisions. However, the main character crossroads he saw it as a way to manipulate her and exploit her work.

He currently has no relationship with his father, although he managed to get closer his mother Lynn and younger sister Jamie Lynn. NoIt does not seem that the situation with his two teenage children has improved: Sean Preston (17) and Jayden James (16) born from marriage with Kevin Federline. Young people who recently moved to Hawaii with their father explained in a television interview that they had not received news from the singer for several months.

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