Britney Spears, conflict with her younger sister on social media

Jamie Lynn Spears spoke about her new book “Things I Should Have Said” in an interview for “Good Morning America.”

Britney commented on her sister’s appearance, saying that she followed him with a “fever” of 40 degrees: “I looked at the phone and I see that my sister did an interview to promote her book … I followed her with a fever of 104 F (40 Chelsius) and it was actually nice to have such a high fever because I shouldn’t have cared, “she wrote on Twitter in a series of messages.

In Jamie Lynn Spears’ memoirs, she describes her sister’s behavior as “paranoid” and “erratic.”

Spears challenged her sister’s memories: “She was never around me 15 years ago. So why is he talking about this if he doesn’t want to sell a book for me ?? ”

Her sister responded to the messages: “I hate to disappoint my sister, but the book is not about her. I can’t change the fact that I was born Spears and that some of my experiences involve her. “

“I worked hard before I was a teenager and I built my career, despite the fact that I’m just someone’s younger sister,” she wrote.

“There are no parts and I don’t want drama, but I’m telling myself the truth to heal my trauma, so I can close this chapter and move on, and I wish my sister could do the same. No matter what happens next, I will always love my older sister and be here for her. It is time to end the unhealthy chaos that has controlled my life for so long, “he added.

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