Britney Spears engulfed in controversy in the past few hours: the whole truth in her Only Fans account

Britney Spears has recently found herself at the center of controversy over her alleged Only Fans account: here’s the whole truth about it.

Singer it is definitely one of the most beloved in the world, has always been considered the “Queen of Pop”. The merit, of course, is in her talent, thanks to which she managed to take a place on the music scene. After her debut on Disney television, she became a successful artist and all her songs became real hits that made her more and more popular.

However, recently there has been controversy over alleged account opened by Britney on the Only Fans website. What do we know about it so far?

Britney Spears on ‘Fans Only’? Check the truth

In the past few hours, a scandal has flared up around Britney Spears, considered one of the most popular pop singers of the 21st century. The criticism concerns a possible account opened by the artist on the Only Fans website. i.e. a platform that sells explicit content to its subscribers in exchange for a monthly fee. There are undoubtedly many actresses, ex-athletes or other big stars on the social network who have wanted to amass big fortunes thanks to the photos and videos posted on the site.

Britney Spears on ‘Fans Only’? Here’s the truth (photo: Ansa)

Then it was believed that Spears also decided to join the team, but the whole truth about it is now known. This was reported by some sources close to the singer. Only Fans account is not planned in the near future, although many would like her to open her own profile on the platform. All these rumors started after that his pole dancing classes went viral, a discipline that is actually only practiced for cardio and strengthening the heart. That way, Spears won’t be interested in Fans Only, and while she can do whatever she wants to do, she won’t feel like taking that big step.

It also appears that it was the website’s team that contacted Britney Spears and offered to collaborate. “He initiated negotiations for her to join the platform.“A source is said to have said, but there would be a clear refusal on the part of the artist. Therefore, there are not only fans for Britney, who in the meantime continues to post pictures of her social profiles and share her daily life and intense work activities with her followers.

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