Britney Spears’ Father Will Have to Share Guardianship of the Singer

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears

Guardianship will be shared by Jamie with an investment fund designated by the interpreter.

The Los Angeles Superior Court rejected her father’s request to control 100 percent of his guardianship, so it will now be shared with an investment fund designated by the interpreter.

Britney’s attorneys have sought to diminish his oversight in all aspects of her daughter’s public life since 2008.

“It is no secret that my client does not want his father as a co-tutor, but we recognize that it is a separate issue,” said Samuel Ingham, the singer’s legal defender.

The singer, now 39 years old, allowed her father to be her legal guardian in 2008 after a marked period of ups and downs that led to her being admitted to the psychiatric hospital, leading her to lose custody of her children.

Years later, the singer was rehabilitated and launched new record productions and offered one of the most viewed tours in Las Vegas, despite this, she has not managed to revoke the guardianship. Jamie Spears, for his part, believes that thanks to his tutelage, his daughter saved her career and has managed to stabilize her life, without getting into trouble.


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