Britney Spears: help brother during a divorce

Britney Spears is restless: a little over a year after the wedding, she breaks up with her husband Sam Asgari

At least he found his family in difficult times. If there is a positive side to a painful divorce Britney Spears from Sam Asgari is that the pop star has reunited with some members of her family. With whom we have not communicated for a long time. That is, she was removed from the legal guardianship of her father.

Britney Spears’ brother will help the pop star

From what the site says Page sixAt this point, Britney can count on the help of her older brother Brian. Who decided to intervene personally to support his sister. “He stopped to sleep with her and helped her along with a therapist,” a source told the site. Define Brian’s presence as “an important step for the entire Spears family.”

Tough Divorce with Sam Asgari

Prior to Brian’s arrival, 41-year-old Britney “isolated” at her villa in Thousand Oaks, California. Far from all and not all, after 29-year-old Asgari “dumped” her. And he filed for divorce 14 months after the wedding. Which was not attended by any member of the Spears family. “He wasn’t on good terms with them,” the site explains. “Especially with my father Jamie and with my sister Jamie Lynn Spears“.

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears

The whole Spears family. In the photo, in addition to Britney Spears, her sister Jamie Lynn, parents Jamie and Lynn, there is also Brian, the eldest. The brother who always remained in the shadows (photo by Getty)

Reconciliation with Jamie’s father

But, and this is a scoop TMZ, at this difficult moment, Britney is thinking about taking a step that seemed impossible just a few months ago. Return to the conversation with Jamie’s father. The one whom the court has appointed as his legal guardian. And against whom Bristney started a war in order to “free himself”.

Directly informed sources told TMZ that after she split from Sam Asgari 3 weeks ago, Britney has said she wants to reconnect with her father. She knows that Jamie is ill, has been in and out of the hospital for months, and doesn’t want to regret the wait too long.

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“As for Jamie, our sources say he would like to reconcile with his daughter. We are told that he never held a grudge against her. Despite everything Britney has said about him both on and off the court. Jamie heard on Tuesday that Britney was talking about reconciliation and we were told she was thrilled.”


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