Britney Spears, her ex-husband is “considering going to court to ask for an increase to support her children”: here’s how much she gets now

Apparently, $40,000 a month is not enough for Kevin Federline to provide for the needs of the two children he has with the singer. Here’s what could happen in a few weeks

Caring for children, as we know, costs money. Save those from Britney Spearshowever, has an exorbitant cost and the ex-husband of a pop star, Kevin Federline, he intends to ask the singer for even more money. Federline reports another request for money from his ex-wife TMZwhich tells how the man is considering going to court to increase alimony. This is because when they discussed the terms of child support, she did not plan to devote full time to the children. Reliable sources tell TMZ: “Kevin is receiving $40,000 a month for the two children he shares with Britney: Jayden James and Sean Preston. The amount is calculated based on the fact that everyone has children 50% of the time. Reality: Over the years, Britney had children 0% of the time.” Eldest son Sean Preston turns 18 in a few weeks, so his support will cease. However, Jaden’s name will remain intact until approximately June 2025, when he graduates. Thus, Federline will realistically be receiving $20,000 a month at this point. This figure could increase if he proves that need more money to care for Jayden 100%.

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