Britney Spears is ready to forgive her father: “He is sick, she does not want repentance”

According to a TMZ report, the singer would be ready to make amends with her father, who has been having health issues for months now.

The next turn in life Britney Spearsafter her divorce from Sam Asgari, could become reconciliation with father. Exactly the father that the singer wanted to see in prison because of guardianship, which for more than a decade forced her to live captive to the decisions of her parents, both from a professional and personal point of view.

To reveal it TMZ. According to the sources of the American edition, Britney made it clear that she wants to improve relations with Jamie Spears, who is now in a crisis. delicate moment for health reasons. “She knows that Jamie is ill, has been in and out of the hospital for several months, and he doesn’t want remorse I’ve been waiting too long.” The source continues: “We learned that Jamie was in the hospital a few months ago when doctors thought there was something wrong with his kidneys. Turns out the real problem was the knees. A 16-year-old prosthesis developed a horrific infection. Now the conditions have worsened and he will also have to be operated on.”

However, from a professional point of view Britney may return to the stage next year. Madonna it really reveals Page six, he would like her to be with him on one of his dates holiday tour in Los Angeles in March 2024 to celebrate twenty years of their collaboration in I am against musicsingle released in 2023. Fans are already dreaming, but it is likely that everything will end in nothing.

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