Britney Spears life in danger? what’s going on between drugs and ex-husband

no peace for Britney Spears, singer, who is trying to rebuild her life after years of legal guardianship of the father, ended up again at the center of fake news about her personal life and her difficult relationships Teenage sons Jaden James and Sean Preston Whom he has not seen for almost a year. A few days ago an article was published in The Sun and Daily Mail in which it was mentioned Kevin Federline, ex-husband of Britain and father of two boys. Claims that his ex-wife was in constant use were attributed to the dancer amphetamines and danger to life.

“Britney Spears Will Follow Amy Winehouse”

The tabloids also reported a phrase attributed to Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, “She’ll End Up Like Amy Winehouse If She Doesn’t Take Care Of Herself”, statement that suggests life is at risk despite being able to rely on the pop star’s presence Husband Sam Asgari was married a year ago, This news immediately did rounds of the web, prompting the person directly concerned to intervene. on social networks, “It’s really sad that people say untrue things. And most likely they didn’t even say it because it didn’t make any sense to me.”

Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline speak out

In the post, Brit addressed her son Preston: “Do you remember all the times you came here? You went to your room and closed the door. With Jayden we sat down at the piano and played together. When I told him later (to Kevin, Ed) that I Would love to see you more often, they didn’t. I never saw each other again. Whatever I do is never enough”, Meanwhile, the federline denialWho specified that he never made such statements together with his boys.

Britney Spears’ lawyer intervenes

Britney Spears Attorney, Matthew Rosengartsent a letter to the Daily Mail requesting its editors “Immediately remove and retract false and defamatory reports and conduct an internal investigation into this matter and the abuse of Britney and her children”, The lawyer added: “Britney is a public figure, but this conduct is beyond all limits and completely unacceptable. It is substandard even by today’s standards of ‘journalism’ and inappropriate of the kind of investigation being conducted.”

Why doesn’t Britney Spears see her two kids anymore?

Jayden James, 17, and Sean Preston, 16, have decided estranged from his mother Britney Spears because of controversial post of the artist on Instagram, where she often shows herself naked. The boys also did not attend the wedding of the artist with Sam Asgari.

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