Britney Spears makes peace with mom Lynn: ‘After more than three years apart, finally together again’

After being away for more than three years, Britney Spears Looks like he’s finally made peace with his mother lenny, An Instagram post from the singer to prove it. “Three years later my dear mother appeared on my doorstep – he wrote on social media – it has been too long: with family there are always things that need to be resolved, but time heals all wounds “.

a complicated relationship

The singer and her mother, Lynn, have a difficult relationship that begins to get complicated a long time ago. After separating from her husband in 2008, Britney experienced some mental health problems – severe enough that she was forced to be hospitalized. Family files for restrictive guardianship of BritneyGranted with (almost) exclusive supervision of the father – while mother Lynn, who was considered the main “responsible” for the forced hospitalization, was increasingly estranged from her daughter.

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mother’s anger

“My father asked for guardianship 13 years ago, but what people don’t know is that it was my mother who gave him the idea,” the singer said at the time, showing strong anger towards her mother. Accent rage, besides, let’s “I suffered severe trauma while in guardianshipHe said. “The years go by and they keep putting me in the psychiatric ward: nobody ever rescues me”.

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quarrel and apology (not accepted)

Due to the singer’s heavy-handed statements, a short time later, her mother Lynn publicly apologized, begging her to “unblock him and speak in person”. ,mom, take back your apology and go to hell‘ his daughter replied.

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“Finally we can have coffee together”

Today, however, it seems that the singer’s anger has finally faded and her relationship with her mother is slowly on the mend. “We managed to do the right thing: I love you so much – Britney Spears wrote on Instagram – Finally, after fourteen years, we can have coffee together And go shopping”.

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