Britney Spears pays $10,000 a month for Sam Asgari’s new house after divorce

Having filed for divorce, Sam Asgari moved out of the apartment where he lived with Britney Spears. However, the cost of his new home is paid by his ex-wife, who “pays $10,000 a month for a new home in one of the most exclusive areas of Los Angeles.” TMZ indiscretion.

After filing for divorce Sam Asgari he packed his things and left the apartment in which he lived with Britney Spears. However, according to TMZ, his now ex-wife is paying for his new home. After a little over a year of divorce, the American model and fitness instructor would move to one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles at the expense of Britney, who, meanwhile, would already enjoy her single life with wild sides.

How Much Britney Spears Is Paying Sam Asgari For Indiscretions

TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears is expected to pay for her ex-husband Sam Asghari’s new house following their divorce. In an American tabloid, we read that the singer was called to pay. $10,000 per month to her ex-husband’s new apartment, who would have chosen a condominium house in one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles. The split between them would be quite tumultuous: despite this, Spears would agree to pay the amount requested for her ex-husband’s new housing, ”wise choice” according to his lawyers. “They don’t talk to each other, although they need to negotiate about their dogs.Sam Asgari is expected to get a Doberman Porsche, while Britney is expected to be left with the remaining four dogs, including Australian Shepherd Sawyer and new puppy Snow.

“Britney Spears was almost alone”

After breaking up with her now ex-husband, the American singer would have been left almost completely alone. We read in the tabloid that in addition to the lawyer Matt Rosengart and manager Hudson FallsSpears didn’t want other people around her. For this reason, among others, he would attempt to get close to his father. Jamie who is due for a new operation tomorrow after a recent health problem related to a knee infection.

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