Britney Spears slammed by PETA for buying a new dog instead of resorting to adoption

Britney Spears is once again at the center of a controversy, but this time it’s not related to her divorce from Sam Asgari. The accusation comes from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a nonprofit animal rights organization that has criticized the pop star’s decision to buy a new dog instead of adopting one from a shelter. Britney Spears actually introduced the world to a puppy named Snow yesterday, Wednesday, August 23, through a video posted to her Instagram profile.

A PETA spokesperson therefore told TMZ, “When powerful people buy puppies, shelters see the homelessness crisis worsen. With this sweet post, Britney Spears doomed countless deserving dogs in shelters to more days of no love, no comfy bed to curl up on, and no chance for a real life. He then concluded by saying that Britney Spears “could have been a force for good and adopted (a dog, ed.), but instead she chose to be ‘toxic’ and the animals would pay with their lives.”

Britney’s new puppy comes at a difficult time in her life, marked by her separation from Sam Asgari, with whom she had five dogs that were negotiated during the divorce. As TMZ has always reported, they would actually have reached an agreement during this week on August 22nd: Sam would get custody of Portia, the Doberman would give Britney a month after the engagement, and the singer would stay with the other four: Sawyer and Hannah. , an Australian Shepherd and a Yorkie, respectively, and two other smaller dogs.

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