Britney Spears would have already married her boyfriend had it not been for her legal guardianship


A makeup artist who worked with the singer made statements

The efforts that Britney Spears has made in recent months to modify the terms of her legal guardianship and gain some autonomy has once again placed the focus of media attention on the supervision to which she lives since 2007, when control over her fortune and the important decisions of her personal life to her father, following the nervous breakdown that the pop princess suffered that same year.

At present, it is known that she opposes the reinstatement as her guardian of her father, Jamie Spears , who resigned this responsibility in 2019 due to health problems, and that she considers that her successor in office has given him her famous daughter more freedom than she would be able to manage.

However, hardly any details are known about how this legal situation affects the singer on a daily basis. Now one of the makeup artists who would work with her and who would be part of her circle of trust has assured that Britney lives in a situation that seems to be taken from the series “The handmaid’s tale”, which would prevent her from fulfilling her wish to marry her boyfriend Sam Ashgari or repeat the experience in motherhood.


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“I cannot go into details and I will not reveal anything too specific, but I will say that by now I would have had another baby. Probably she would also have married Sam and would have a group of friends around him ”, said her employee, who introduces himself only as Maxi, in an interview with the “ Calababes ” podcast.

According to her version of events, the attractive model and coach who has shared her life with the artist since 2016 has endured “a real hell” to be by her side due to the obstacles that Britney’s father would have placed on them at the beginning of her life. relationship. On the other hand, Maxi has also affirmed that she has been gradually gaining parcels of independence and that she currently controls her own social networks, where she often publishes photos of her outfits and dancing videos.


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