August 6, 2023

The new song was released on July 21st. Britney Spears in collaboration with by name”Mind your business“.

The lyrics of the song carry a clear message that leaves no room for many misunderstandings. The song invites the listener to “mind your own business” and paints an image of the protagonist who is haunted by other people’s views. This should not surprise us in the light of a painful past. Britney Spears. The pop icon in the song claims to be tired, worn out by the idea of ​​always being watched. Thus, the reference to the paparazzi suggests a general meaning written in the work.

It is unknown if the song was recently recorded or if some claim it was made for an album. Britney Jean and released just now. Secret. On the cover is a collage in which a photo of twenty years ago is chosen for Britney. Fans are divided: if, on the one hand, there are those who appreciated the song, on the other, many believe that Mind your business does not live to see the return of the princess of pop. There are also those who claim that it is not she who sings, butTO which has reached an incredible level of perfection in recent months. User tik tak named AllyNaston claims that Maya Mariesinger who recorded vocal demos for Britney Spears in the past may be the real voice Mind your business.

In any case, this collaboration causes a lot of discussion, and the song is already at the top of the charts. Britney Spears is still being talked about!


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