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Brooke Burke jumps certainly no training during quarantine. The physical fitness expert showed off her toned tummy in a bikini-selfie on the 22. And the pack of 6 courtesy of his incredible workouts at home in the middle of the quarantine.

Brooke Burke gave the fans a glimpse from up close and personal for his physical form in a new selfie mirror on Instagram, Sunday night. The guru and the fitness, 48 years old, and modeled a bikini striped in his last post titled “day 10” – based on the time you are in the quarantine because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

The mother of four children, put his belly in a swimsuit sexy two piece with a upper wishbone and a lower double-straps. Brooke, the placed standing, with his brown hair, to the bottom, broke selfie in what appeared to be a piece of glamour. The fans were nice and polite to the host in the comments, a fan of the callers a “perfect 10” – stay discharge to the atmosphere in the middle of the order, to home COVID-10.

Brooke has been in contact with fans on the physical form during the crisis, the global health It calls for the fans to meet with his community, Brooke Burke Body, to stay healthy and stress at home. The actress also offers, various deals and promotions to help others to cope with stress, to work, to the mental health through sport.

(Image Credits: Brooke Burke / Instagram)

“The exercise, you stimulate your immune system, your mood and help your stress level. We do it together, ” wrote Brooke in an article on the mental and physical health of the fans in the middle of the epidemic of coronavirus.