Brooks HYPERION MAX: A minimalist running shoe. Test +250KM

Brooks HYPERION MAX: A minimalist running shoe. Test +250KM Our running shoes section brings us an in-depth test of the new fast running shoe from the BROOKS brand, a high-profile running shoe with a particular focus on long-distance running.

Brooks HYPERION MAX: Depth test +250KM

run fast without a plate

yes Brooks Hyperion Marks They belong to the brand’s BROOKS HYPERION speed series, which consists of four sisters. The neutral Hyperion Tempo and the stable Hyperion GTS are light and fast shoes for series training, fartleks and more. The Hyperion Max and Hyperion Elite for long-distance outings round out the collection as exceptional racing shoes.

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Brooks Hyperion, the full range.

Why choose this mid-level shoe?this Brooks Hyperion Max They’re designed to fill a specific void: runners looking for high performance without the muscular demands of a carbon plate, and have a high profile that helps cushion shocks. The house showed us them as the perfect training partner, designed to “put it down” and be ready to train again the next day.

Brooke Hyperion Max:

Test +250KM

After driving more than 250 km with these Brooks Hyperion Marks (I was on the bench for a few weeks due to injury) The truth is, no need to elaborateI am very happy with them.
They are light, responsive and versatile shoes. Now we’ll talk about how I feel, but let’s keep his numbers in mind first.

data sheet

  • price: 170 euros
  • weight: (female/male) 190 / 221 g
  • reduce: 8mm (26mm heel – 18mm forefoot)
  • Base Width: 113mm forefoot, 92mm heel
  • buffer: High
  • Carbon plate: No
  • Foam: dna flash
  • use: Quick practice/race
  • distance: sock
  • Runner type: Light
  • Best Rhythm: Less than 4’30″/km

Brook Hyperion MAX: Test +250KM

one shoe that fits everything

As with all shoes I’ve tried, I like to take them to various training sessions, even if they are not within the brand’s recommendations, to see how they perform and to get a better view.

if we talk about athlete type What are these focused on? Brooks Hyperion Markswe can talk about someone fairly light and moving at an already pleasant pace, below 4’30/km.
Let’s keep in mind that they are shoes without a carbon plate but with nitrogen foam in the midsole, which makes them perfect for speed days where we’re looking for the extra reactivity but without the muscular load assumed by the carbon plate. That said: the next day we’ll be doing a lot more unloading at the soleus and gastrocnemius levels, and while they’re obviously out of plate, not too much, we won’t have that rigidity.

Even so, personally, these shoes have accompanied me for several days in the series (from 400m to 3000m) and performed perfectly at paces from 2’55 to 3’30/km. I have to say the “muscle release” is real, my muscles are better the next day than after a hard workout with carbon plates. This is a good point if we want to go for days without burning too much muscle.

shoes for everyone

Now you’re thinking: what if I don’t run at these paces…how?
Well, anyway, in the days of the series, they will definitely come in handy, and in the end it’s a lightweight shoe with extra reactivity, and you’ll love them in no time.

I said they are versatile, but I’m only talking about series, Let’s talk about shooting: During my time with them, I realized that every time I’m feeling a bit tired and I’m looking for a pair of shoes that will help me get into the rhythm of a shoot, especially progressive ones, my head goes direct steering Brooks Hyperion Marks Didn’t even think about it.

The midsole foam is super comfortable, with extra reactivity to help you keep up without tiring yourself out. But they’re not just good for days like this, I’ve used them for smooth shooting at close to 5ft/km, and they’re luxurious.

I’ve taken them on the road, track, and road and they’ve performed fantastically.Anyway, name a workout and you’re good to go Brooks Hyperion Marks They will accompany you to achieve great results.

what it feels like to wear them

Regarding the shoe itself, I have to say that it is very comfortable. The upper is light and soft, and the flat, embossed laces help make it easier to tie the laces without having to over tighten them. In short, these shoes wrap around your feet and make you forget you’re wearing them, and they’re also extremely breathable thanks to the micro-perforations on the instep.

We’ve already discussed the midsole, so we’re left with the sole. There is not much to say about the soles of the asphalt shoes. They grip well in both wet and dry conditions and cover the worst areas of tread wear. In terms of wear, I think 250km is a little, but they barely show any signs of use, they are like new (you have to wipe them down, but…like new)

Oh, I forgot one thing. Maybe it’s just me noticing this, but the tab issue was crucial to me. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but at least it has to be useful so the laces don’t rub against me and hurt this regard Brooks Hyperion Marks They fit perfectly. Simple but effective tabs.

Finally, maybe I’m just mentioning in passing that the 8mm drop means a lot of foam underfoot in this shoe, but honestly, I like the lower drop. I would be very happy if they had a max plate thickness of 6mm if not 4mm. But this is already something to taste, I don’t like highs and lows.

Brook Hyperion MAX: Test +250KM

pros and cons

Finally, we will list my pros and cons Brooks Hyperion Marks And some final conclusions in case you haven’t made up your mind yet, but they caught your attention

I will start from shortcomingas I rarely see them:
Price: With a retail price of 170 euros, many would say that it is up to the standards of today’s shoes, even more so if we are talking about mid- to high-end prices. But I can’t help but think that we’re starting to raise prices, and one day it’s almost impossible for people to own good sneakers. Or look for off-season deals.

Looks like I’ll be out of flaws soon, we’d better talk advantage I think there are many:
Reactivity, Lightness, Durability and Versatility: What more could you ask for from shoes? Although, as with all things, depending on how you use them and your pace, you will benefit more or less from them, I think they are a very good option for the average runner. Maybe if these plates aren’t your thing, they’re your perfect companion for quality days and competitions.

They’re also a good option for heavier runners due to the decent cushioning, but they’re definitely less durable.The heavier the weight, the more wear and tear is unavoidable and there are more arming options on the market

Finally, another more superficial profession is design. A lot of people also buy sneakers because they look good and they look really cool. In my case, I have gray and red ones, and the truth is, they look fast even without them on. Bonus points to Brooks Hyperion Max and the design team.

Brook Hyperion MAX: Test +250KM

in conclusion

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can accompany you every day, whether it is filming, series or competition, Brooks Hyperion Marks They are an option to consider. Also, now with the arrival of new models in the HYPERION series comes great deals, so it’s time to take the opportunity to get a pair, I love them so I recommend them 100%.
If you’d like to see more models from the Brooks saga, here’s an article with them all.

Brooks Hyperion, Full Collection:

Four pairs of running shoes 90-225 euros.

Our running shoes section gives you an overview of the Brooks HYPERION range, all models of which feature nitrogen infused DNA flash and drop 8. We have seven versions to choose from.

The Brooks Hyperion 2023 collection offers three men’s running shoes and three women’s running shoes, such as unisex Brooks Hyperion (90 euros); this Brooks Hyperion GTS Stability (€150) and Brooks Hyperion Max run for a long time.this Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 Complete the purely unisex “racing” collection with a carbon plate (225 euros)


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