Brothers and connection to the death of Heath Ledger

Director Jim Sheridan and released in 2009, Brothers this is a movie that is airing tonight at 23.25 on Rai Movie. It’s actually a remake of a Danish movie. Don’t want another woman released in 2004, director Suzanne Beer.

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Sam (Tobey Maguire) is a Marine Corps captain with a strong sense of duty and honor, chosen to lead a dangerous mission in Afghanistan. A man would absolutely not want to leave his wife Grace (Natalie Portman) or her little girls, but she knows she can’t turn down a call to the Marine Corps. Moreover, shortly before leaving on a mission, Sam opens the doors of his house to his brother Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal), who was recently released from prison where he was held after being found guilty of armed robbery. In Afghanistan, after a generally peaceful start, Sam falls victim to a TV attack and is left for dead. Heavy Grace is forced to accept Tommy’s help, and soon a strong bond begins to grow between them. But Sam did not die, but was kidnapped and tortured by the Taliban, who turned him into another person.

Connection to the death of Heath Ledger

As the film’s title suggests, Brothers it is a film that highlights the close, even conflicted, relationship between the two brothers. Indeed, at the beginning of the story, we see the character played by Tobey Maguire trying to do everything possible so that his brother can return to a familiar and safe environment after being in prison. And it is to his brother that he always entrusts the task of “protecting” his family while he is on a mission in Afghanistan. But behind the story, told for the sake of simple narrative questions, there is an anecdote associated with a deep and poignant friendship. At the beginning of the film, Jake Gyllenhaal’s character finds a photograph Heath Ledger, his fellow actor, with whom he shared a deep friendship. A source on the set of the film described the moment to Dell’s website.“Internet Movie Database” saying: “He was like those prisoners who hung pictures of their loved ones on the walls. The only photo of Jake was Heath Ledger. It was a funny moment, but at the same time very cute.” However, what was supposed to be a moment for laughter during the filming of the film almost turned into a terrible prediction. As he writes Soon, while he was filming Brothers Jake Gyllenhaal learned of the sudden death of his friend. In fact, on January 22, 2008, co-star The Dark Knight was found dead in his apartment in Soho: at first the press spoke of suicide, but later, according to the results of the autopsy, it turned out that the death of a young Australian actor was due to intoxication with sleeping pills and anxiolytics, all prescribed by law, which the actor took while working on the film Christopher Nolan, in which he was to play the Joker. When Jake Gyllenhaal found out about this news, he was in the process of filming the scene: however, the actor, gripped by unspeakable pain, left the set without completing the scene, having to face the loss alone that hit him like the proverbial gunshot. from nowhere. He was out for two days before taking another break from filming: Heartbroken over the loss of a good friend, Gyllenhaal took some time before returning to the set and completing his scenes for the film. Brothers.

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