Bruce Springsteen | What is Bruce Springsteen’s ailment? Peptic ulcer?

bruce springsteenThe 73-year-old announced on Wednesday that he would be postponing his USA Due to health problems. “The decision of his medical advisers was put off the rest of his concerts September,” Springsteen’s team posted on Instagram. Later, it was revealed that the self-proclaimed broken heart” forced to make this big decision peptic ulcer.

As stated by the Mayo Clinic, a not-for-profit entity dedicated to the practice, education and research of the field doctorpeptic ulcer is “open sores appear on the lining Stomach and top small intestine“. Likewise, they emphasize symptom The most common form of this situation is stomach ache.

ulcer type

Different distinctions for the same entity guys Ulcers that may develop, will gastricwhich are produced in the stomach, duodenumlocated in the upper part of the small intestine, duodenum.

So, in total there are eight concerts Part of the North American artist’s tour will be affected by the disease, although the artist himself Springsteen He has already warned in a statement that he will return recover these programs and “anything else”.

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