Bruce Willis | Bruce Willis’ wife reveals how battle with his disease has evolved: ‘I’m doing the best I can’

This was confirmed when the diagnosis came to light last February Bruce WillisA famous actor from Hollywood, suffered aphasia. Since then, the condition has worsened and the exact diagnosis is: “Frontotemporal Dementia”so with the help of relatives The closest U.S. translation is critical to facing this struggle.

A few days ago, it was Tallulah Willis (29), the actor’s third daughter with Demi Moore, whose relationship lasted until 2000, was honest about the difficult times his family was going through: “His office has always been like a window , let him see what attracted him most at that moment. Recently i found a piece of paper He simply wrote “Michael Jordan” on it. I would love to know what he was thinking,” he told Vogue.

learn to take care of yourself

Another person who has been helping Willis at the foot of the canyon is his wife, the designer Emma Heming. As expected, the situation took its toll on her, so the British model and actress decided to take a step forward and opened up about it in a video shared via her Instagram account on Aug. 14: “I don’t want to pretend I’m fine because I’m not”explain.

Hemming created his from scratch empire The use of cosmetics and skin care products made him realize that he has to put in a lot of effort every day to try life “The best possible”, for her, and for her husband and daughter.he also recalled “When we can’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others”. “I’m doing my best,” he added.

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